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ObamaCare is Depleting and Destroying Middle Class America
What will the middle class face in 2018 with rising premiums? The most powerful country in the world has created a dangerously aggressive cycle that is burning the America dream.
Contact: Eden Gordon, 202-714-6014

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- This week President Donald J. Trump proclaimed November 19-November 25, 2017 National Family Week. He highlighted in his address that "we support and encourage American families to create healthy, nurturing environments for their children and future generations. I hope all Americans will join me in gratitude to our Creator for the many ways families bless and enrich our lives and our Nation."
The Open Enrollment season has been in full swing since November 1, 2017 and closes December 15, 2017. Just ten days before the Christmas holiday and Congress continues to sit on their hands while health insurance companies add billions to their bank accounts. How is this benefiting the health of future generations?

"Americans that have been swallowed by the financial crisis of the Affordable Care Act, Solidarity HealthShare comes along side of the middle class working Americans to offer a solution to rising health care costs..." stated Bradley Hahn, CEO.

Hahn continued... "The number one reason people join Solidarity HealthShare is because of the conscience protection. Their religious freedom is not hindered. Our members then have the additional benefit of cost savings. We see this happening with our members who are specifically middle class working families. We had a potential member call Solidarity HealthShare. They are from Pennsylvania and are currently paying for their family a $14,000 deductible – the monthly premium was increasing from $1600 to $2400 per month. That equates to $42,800 of out of pocket expenses before health insurance kicks in. Now, as a member of Solidarity HealthShare, this family is paying $449 per month with a $1500 out of pocket annual share amount."

Please note that most families in our country make $75,000 or less. Do the math. The "Un" Affordable Care Act is not affordable to this income base. Many families with single mothers, single fathers, and middle class families are facing their greatest fear.

The Affordable Care Act is not affordable. Middle Class America is feeling the burn as the ObamaCare premiums rise. For example farmers in Iowa are strongly considering other options to the Affordable Care Act because they cannot afford the double to triple cost in their premiums for their families. What happens to middle class America? Where can they search for ways to pay for medical care and not stress over their medical bills?

Under the Affordable Care Act are these restrictions: patients cannot choose the provider of choice, religious freedom is hindered and patient and doctor relationships are chosen by the government. Solidarity HealthShare is challenging Washington, D.C. to educate their staff on health sharing ministries, the checks and balances of the ACA, the religious liberty hinderance and the solution for the middle and poor class health care crisis. Solidarity HealthShare provides a service that is community based, not government supported, affordable and provides the opportunity to chose the medical care desired.

Hahn concluded "Our federal government is forcing us to buy something we can't afford and then fine us when we can't afford it, it's just unconscionable. I am encouraged by the President's recognition of National Family Week. It creates a greater good for the health and welfare of the middle class and their families for future generations to come."