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Heartbeat Bill Introduced Today with 50 Co-Sponsors

Over Half of Ohio House joins H.B. 125 to Protect Babies with Beating Hearts

Contact: Katelyn Evans, 614-395-8404; Lori Viars, 513-932-3554

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 24, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- House Bill 125, the "Heartbeat Bill," was introduced today in the Ohio House by Prime Sponsor, Lynn Wachtmann, who was one of 50 State Representatives whose name appeared on top of the bill as co-sponsors. 

"Fifty co-sponsors means more than half the Ohio House of Representatives feels so strongly about protecting babies with beating hearts that they put their name on the bill," said Janet (Folger) Porter, President of Faith2Action, and former Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life, where she helped pass the nation's first ban on Partial Birth Abortion. 

"The Heartbeat Bill is the first bill of its kind, but it won't be the last," added Porter, "I just spoke to Georgia and Texas who are already working to follow Ohio's lead."

National Right to Life founder Dr. Jack Willke announced his strong support of the Heartbeat Bill: "While I'm for protecting all unborn babies, this bill is a giant step toward our goal since it will protect at least 95 percent of all babies in Ohio who would otherwise be aborted."  Dr. Willke is also President of International Right to Life, founder and President of Life Issues Institute and the National Delegate on the board of Ohio Right to Life.

Willke added, "Ohio can see history repeat and lead the way."

"If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected," explained Rep. Wachtmann, who personally walked the bill to the clerk's office last night.  "After all, Ohio is the 'Heart of it all,' so it's only fitting that we protect our fellow human beings with beating hearts." Rep. Wachtmann (House District 75) is chairman of the House Health Committee where the bill will likely be referred. 

"There is excitement across the heartland for Ohio's new Heart Beat Bill! It is invigorating our troops who can't wait to take this giant leap toward protecting unborn babies from abortion!" said Lori Viars, Director of Family First PAC, and Vice President of Warren County Right to Life. "Encourage your legislator at www.HeartBeatBill.com!"

Linda Theis, former President of Ohio Right to Life, and strong advocate of the bill, added: "Thousands of red-heart balloons were delivered to legislators on Valentine's day but there's still time to show your support to the Committee and full House (and Senate) before the upcoming vote!"

Sponsor testimony is expected to take place next Wednesday, March 2nd, in Rep. Wachtmann's Health Committee.  More information including videos from the Press Conference can be seen at www.HeartBeatBill.com.