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A Battle Within Our Borders Continues on 8-8-2014, Good Versus Gossip

Contact: Kevin Hester, 269-208-3844, hesterkev@yahoo.com; @Kevin_Hester

ST. JOSEPH, Mich., Aug. 5, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- On 8-8-2014, Kevin Hester, the Church Planter/Pastor of The Shore Church in St. Joseph, Michigan is challenging people to go 8 Days Gossip Free and not just with talking, but also texting and typing. Kevin believes, and has seen first hand, how gossip destroys individuals, families, businesses, churches, teams, and governments. Kevin says that every individual and organization is at risk.

As we continue to see an advancement with our ability to connect in our culture, our borders are being compromised as people are climbing the fence of Facebook to post gossip and tunneling through twitter to tweet unnecessary information about others. We have been taught to spread the war of negative words about our neighbors, politicians, celebrities and anyone else we feel is a target and we have failed to take into consideration the casualties that are left along the way. Bullying continues to maim and even kill in our society and we have become our own worst enemies as gossip is the leading accepted form of bullying. Kevin believes that we can win this battle within our borders and that his 8 Day Gossip Free Challenge is a start.

The number 8 is the number of new beginnings (or a fresh start) and most people could use one in the area of gossip. As America debates how to handle it's physical borders, the broader of gossip is one area we all can unite to protect the lives of many innocent victims. Kevin is also making available white GOSSIPFREE? bracelets, that people can wear to show their support of this challenge. He also has written two small books addressing gossip that can be used as weapons as you go to war against gossip.

This battle can't be won alone so Kevin invites you to join this effort and you can follow the Gossip Free Challenge on Twitter @go_gossipfree or the web at www.gossipfree.net.

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Kevin Hester