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Black Lt. Governor Candidate Says Ralph Northam Refused to Shake His Hand After VA Lt. Gov. Television Debate

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RICHMOND, Va., Feb. 2, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Former Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia  -E.W. Jackson - accused Ralph Northam of racism in 2013 when Northam refused to shake his hand after a debate on a Norfolk TV station.

"I offered my hand to him twice," says Jackson, "and he categorically refused, in fact he acted like I was invisible." youtu.be/QqO4u0yrkjA

Now Northam faces calls for his resignation in light of recently discovered pictures in his medical school yearbook which show Northam in black face or a KKK costume.

Jackson says, "If the mainstream media had spent as much time investigating Northam as they did investigating me, this information would have been discovered and the outcome of the Lt. Governor race might have been different. Now we learn this."

Many are pointing out the hypocrisy of Northam because he attacked his gubernatorial opponent - Ed Gillespie - as a racist, depicting him as hunting down minority children in a pickup truck with a Confederate flag on the back.

Jackson has called on Northam to resign. Northam has apologized for the pictures. He says of Northam's apology, "I'm not buying it. He never apologized to me for refusing to shake my hand. He didn't apologize to Ed Gillespie for calling him a racist. Northam knew these pictures were out there, and he never acknowledged them or apologized. He's only sorry for getting caught."