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Over 100 Pro-Family Leaders from 22 Countries Sign Petition in Support of Romania's Defense of Marriage

Contact: Don Feder, 508-405-1337; Larry Jacobs, media@worldcongress.org


MEDIA ADVISORY, April 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- World Congress of Families International Secretary Allan C. Carlson expressed great satisfaction at the enthusiastic reception of the World Congress of Families Petition in Support of Romania's Defense of Marriage.


More than 100 leaders of pro-family organizations from 22 countries have expressed solidarity with the Alliance of Romania's Families in its efforts to secure a statutory definition of marriage.


Last year, the Alliance collected over 650,000 signatures on a petition for a defense of marriage amendment to the Romanian Constitution. Unfortunately, the drive failed to meet the required geographical distribution requirement, but nevertheless was instrumental in convincing legislators to act.


In February, by a vote of 38 to 10, the Romanian Senate passed an amendment to the nation's Family Code defining marriage as the "union freely consented to between a man and a woman." The Chamber of Deputies is expected to take up the measure before its June recess.


Given the propensity of the European Union to attack impediments to same-sex marriage, the Alliance of Romania's Families asked World Congress of Families to gather support from pro-family groups around the world.


In response, WCF launched its Petition in Support of Romania's Defense of Marriage. Signers include representatives of U.S. groups such as Focus on The Family, Family Research Council, American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, and the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, as well as organizations like Latin American Alliance for the Family, REAL Women of Canada, The Family Network (Mexico), Pro-Life Center (Moscow), New Generation Church (Latvia), Human Life International (Poland), Ukraine Large Families Association, Endeavour Forum (Australia), the Pakistan Family Forum, and Association of Citizens, Network for Life And The Family (Chile). Click here for a complete list of signers.


"This shows the willingness of pro-family groups to stand in solidarity," Carlson observed. "It is a recognition of the reality that a threat to the natural family anywhere is a threat to the natural family everywhere."


"We will continue to build the international pro-family movement to protect the natural family and advance our common values, wherever they are threatened," Carlson promised.


On April 8, Mr. Bogdan Stanciu of the Alliance of Romania's Families will present copies of the Petition at the Romanian parliament's annual prayer breakfast. Copies of the Petition will also be presented to various leaders of the Romanian government, as well as leaders of every party, over the next week.


To schedule an interview with Allan Carlson, contact Don Feder at (508) 405-1337.


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