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Christian Evangelist Points to Christ on Islamic TV

Contact: Terry McIntosh, 270-534-0792


MEDIA ADVISORY, April 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Islamic owned and operated television in the West Bank is featuring a Christian evangelist presenting Jesus Christ as the solution to a lasting peace in the Middle East. The unprecedented appearance is being broadcast out of the Jericho Al Nour station which reaches all of Judea in the West Bank, including parts of Jerusalem, and Amman, Jordan.


American evangelist Terry McIntosh points Israel back to God and calls upon Israel to give life, dismantle the Separation Wall, and follow the way of God. He charges Palestine to seek lasting peace through Jesus Christ.


Photo: Terry McIntosh


Although he acknowledges that many listeners will consider the dual message a political statement, McIntosh says the message is a spiritual one that demands spiritual discernment. He says, "Palestine must understand that the way to peace is through the Messiah Jesus instead of armed conflict attributed to religious ideology. They must choose to love the Jewish people and live among them peacefully. It is not just about land issues. It's about people. It is about showing the love of God and following the One who can actually make a real difference. The truth must be proclaimed, and we are pointing them in that direction on a national level."


Regarding Israel, McIntosh says, "The Jewish State must realize that God's way is different, and they should not depend upon anything other than Christ for a lasting peace. The Wall creates an Apartheid mentality, and represents Israel's dependency upon man's wisdom in fighting terrorism. It cuts through villages, which in turn separates families and prohibits people from reaching jobs and children attending school. This creates further despair turning moderates into radicals. The natural problem is the result of spiritual disobedience manifested in the natural realm. Jesus Christ is the only hope for any nation. True friends will point this out to Israel."


He says, "Religious leaders must provide direction. This message is for the benefit of both Jews and Palestinians. Among other things, following the Messiah will compel Israel to give life to the Palestinians and aid them in pursuit of a decent life. Following Christ will compel the Palestinians to lay aside armed conflict and seek the way of peace."


Scheduled air times can be confirmed by contacting Al Nour TV Station in Jericho, Israel at 02.232.4141.


McIntosh has recently returned to the states and can be reached at tel/fax 270.534.0792 or 800.872.1205. Email contact is: terry@usajourney.us