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Baby Israel Transferred to New Hospital
Contact: Alexandra Snyder, 202-717-7371
ROSEVILLE, Calif., May 23, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Israel Stinson was transferred out of Kaiser Roseville Medical Center on May 21. He has been taken to another hospital and is currently receiving care.
To protect Israel's privacy and security, we are unable to disclose where he is, but we can say that in order for Israel to receive the care he needed, he had to be transferred by air ambulance outside the United States.
After examining Israel, a neurologist and a pediatric specialist at the new hospital have agreed that Israel does not meet the criteria for brain death. Also, an EEG performed earlier today shows some brain activity.
Israel is finally being treated as a live patient.
After more than six weeks without any nutrition except dextrose, Israel is finally receiving the nutrients he needs, including protein, fats, and vitamins. He is also getting a comprehensive treatment protocol for severely brain injured patients.
The new hospital has said it will do everything possible to treat Israel and give him a chance to recover.
The hospital will likely perform a tracheotomy and gastrostomy sometime in the next week.
"Israel's parents are finally able to get their son the treatment he has needed for the past six weeks. It is disappointing that they had to travel outside the United States to do so, but we are grateful that the current hospital is providing Israel with nutrition and excellent care," said Life Legal Executive Director Alexandra Snyder. "Most importantly, specialists have determined that Israel is not brain dead. California's brain death statute does not allow for a truly independent examination, thus depriving patients of the right to due process involving the most fundamental of constitutionally protected rights: the right to life itself."
Israel's parents are hoping to bring him back to the United States once he has recovered from these procedures. With a breathing tube and feeding tube in place, Israel can be cared for at home or in a long-term care facility. His parents are consulting with neurologists and other specialists regarding coma arousal procedures to give Israel the best possible opportunity to recover his brain function.
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