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The Weight of Our Words: Talking What We're Walking
Kingdom Encounters International Releases Riveting New Book

Kingdom Encounters International
July 12, 2022

ORLANDO, Fla., July 12, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- UP YOUR GAME! You gotta dig deeper! Gut up and take it to the next level! All these contemporary athletic expressions have become familiar terms with a common meaning — giving it all to get the win. Though we often don't think of these motivational terms applying to our manner of speech, as God's people, this admonishment may never be more meaningful than when it comes to the words, we speak...

Enter the release of "Weighty Words: Influencing the Unseen Realm," a penetrating new book by Caleb Wampler who helms Kingdom Encounters International (KEI). Wampler and team hold evangelistic crusades in some of the most dangerous areas across the globe where his words could easily land him and his sponsoring churches and pastors in prison.
But how does the weight of our words ignite the power of God as believers and influence the unseen realm? How does "upping our game" relate to our manner of sharing the gospel in such a way that it releases the demonstration of the Spirit and power (1 Corinthians 2:4)?

In "Weighty Words," Caleb Wampler unveils the way careless words, reflect a careless heart, and lead to a careless walk with the Lord. Conversely, he guides God's people to the power of words expressed with the weight of reality, providing ballast, vigilance, and direction the way banks guide and shape the flow of a river.

"Weighty Words" shows believers how to wield their words and marshal the power of Jeremiah 23:29, which describes Gods words as "...a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces." It intensifies the brevity of life as Wampler lifts the veil on the way our words drive their meaning into the hearts of their hearers long after our hearts stop beating. "Weighty Words: Influencing the Unseen Realm," sets our spiritual compass to Hebrews 11:14. It drives home the point that if Abel being dead still speaks, we can speak from beyond the end of time as well — furthermore, we have a responsibility before God to do so.
For more information about "Weighty Words: Influencing the Unseen Realm," or to purchase the book, visit the Kingdom Encounters International website at www.kingdomencounters.us/store, or call them at (321) 877-5766.

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