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New Book Describing a Life-Changing Turn-Around is Having a Dramatic Effect on Readers
Contact: James Trent, 803-960-4430

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 9, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The newly released book by South Carolina businessman, James D. Trent, "My Trip to God" (LifeBridge), is causing readers to come face-to-face with their deep-seated personal problems. It is the no-holds-barred account of a man at the age of 40 who describes his self-centered, prideful life of alcohol, drugs, and infidelity, and how it was dramatically changed by God.

Says the author, "I was at a point where suicide seemed the only way out. Then an amazing miracle took place." Trent reveals how he was rescued from darkness into total light. He adds, "This experience not only restored my life and marriage, but through daily, divine encounters, I received ten specific messages I share in the book."

James and his wife, Kelli, had many sessions with Steve Arneson, a licensed professional counselor in Columbia, South Carolina. Says Arneson, "In my many years of counseling, I have never encountered a story like Jamie's. Not only did he become totally honest regarding his past, but the events surrounding his about-face were beyond anything I could imagine."

The publisher states, "It is more than a story of escaping from an abyss; the author shows others the way out." One reader said, "This book should be placed in the hands of every man, woman, and teenager who has hit rock bottom. It will shock them into reality and let them know there is hope."

James has spent over 20 years in the financial services industry. He and his wife, Kelli, have three daughters and are members of Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington, South Carolina.

My Trip to God. Published by LifeBridge Books. ISBN: 978-1-939779-05-2. For media interviews, contact the author at (803) 960-4430.

Possible interview questions:

1. Before we get into the details of your book, tell me a little about your background--your career--your wife and family.

2. You describe the double life you were leading. How did it begin, and how serious did the problem become?

3. Tell me about the moment when crisis spiraled out of control -- and about the divine encounter you experienced. Exactly what happened?

4. How did your wife handle the crisis when you finally told her about the life you had been living?

5. The foreword to your book is written by Steve Arneson, a Licensed Professional Counselor. Tell me about role counseling played in your recovery.

6. You spend several chapters sharing specific messages God has given to you. How did you receive them and what have you been learning.

7. What's the best advice you can give to a person who finds themselves in the same trap you were in?

8. I understand there is a website with more information about your book and your ministry. How can someone find that site?