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Next-Wave Apologetics: Anti-Catholics Bring Fresh Weapons to the Fight; New Resource Makes You Ready
Catholic Answers
July 12, 2022

SAN DIEGO, July 12, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new book from America's leading publisher of Catholic apologetics takes a bold new step in the art of explaining and defending the Catholic faith.

Since the resurgence of popular apologetics over a generation ago, countless thousands of average Catholics have learned to respond to challenges—mostly from Evangelical Protestants—by immersing themselves in the Bible verses, patristic texts, and logical arguments that support Catholic doctrine.

But those Protestants, convinced that they must save their Catholic brothers from the errors of Rome, haven't taken this lying down. Their own pastors and Bible-answer-men have been devising responses to the standard Catholic arguments and teaching their flock to wield them. No Catholic has ever stepped up to meet this new wave of Protestant counter-challenges.

Until now. In Meeting the Protestant Response, from Catholic Answers Press, veteran apologist Karlo Broussard surveys the new wave of arguments, breaks down their strengths and weaknesses, and shows readers how to effectively—and always with patient charity—refute them and replace them with the fullness of biblical, historical Catholic truth.

"This book is an important new addition to a world that for so long seemed stuck on the same old prooftexts, the same old disputes over Greek verbs," says Todd Aglialoro, director of publishing for Catholic Answers. "Today the arguments are changing, growing more sophisticated, and Meeting the Protestant Response is right on top of that evolution."

About the Author: Karlo Broussard is a staff apologist at Catholic Answers and the author of numerous books explaining and defending Catholic teaching.

SOURCE Catholic Answers

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