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Save Yourself from the Rotten Life You've Created

Contact: Kathryn Lehan, 214-394-5288


PLANO, Texas, May 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pain and suffering are an integral part of life. Sometimes our pain becomes unbearable and we inevitably get angry with God. But we're the ones making the decisions that mess up our lives, not God.


You can save yourself from yourself but you need a few simple answers to be able accept the truth and all it can offer.


Kathryn Lehan, author of Save Yourself! The Plain Truth, had questions about God and couldn't get a straight answer so she wrote a book full of plain truths about God and how to radically transform your life with one simple prayer. She's not a pastor, a minister or a divinity student. She's just like you and me.


"You don't need to be a Biblical scholar to 'get' God," she says. "And, you don't need to go to church either to understand God enough to decide whether God is right for you."


Ms. Lehan has boiled down frequently asked questions to plain, easy to understand language:


  • If God exists, why is life so rotten?
  • Why doesn't God answer your prayers?
  • Why do people kill in the name of God?
  • Why are Christians boring, judgmental or just plain annoying?
  • Does God punish you if you don't behave right?
  • What does it mean to be "saved" or "born again?"
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • Do you have to be perfect to be a Christian?
  • And much, much more!


Ms. Lehan is a newly minted Christian who spent 12 years searching for the truth. She knows the futility of living a life in the pursuit of happiness only to find emptiness time and again.


"I really do understand how many people are hurting and dying a little each day for a chance to feel loved and to have hope for the future," she says, pointing out that her own search brought her back to God over and over again.


She finally surrendered to the idea that God might be the answer and it changed her life.


Prior to writing this book, Ms. Lehan worked as a marketing researcher, ran her own consulting firm and coached several swim teams. Ms. Lehan currently lives near Dallas, Texas and is working on a follow-up book to answer more questions about God. Read an excerpt at: www.encouragingoutbursts.com/Save_Yourself_The_Plain_Truth.html