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Truth & Liberty Coalition: Americans Must Stand Against Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates and Restrictions

Truth and Liberty Coalition
Sept. 11, 2021

WOODLAND PARK, Colo., Sept. 11, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ --  In a stunning display of hubris and contempt for individual freedom as well as the conscience and convictions of his fellow citizens, Joe Biden has announced that he will issue an "executive order" requiring mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations across the land. 

Striking at the core of the individual liberty of 100 million Americans, Biden announced that he will require that

  • all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or else be terminated;
  • all private employers with more than 100 workers must require their employees to get vaccinated or continuously produce negative test results as a condition of employment;
  • all medical facilities receiving Medicare and Medicaid funds (nearly every health care facility in America) must force all employees to be vaccinated; 
  • All arenas and entertainment venues are being asked to require proof of vaccination (thus, embracing vaccine passports which his administration previously said they had no intention of doing).
  • The federal government will apply financial and regulatory pressure to states to force schoolteachers to be vaccinated.

Biden's unabashedly expressed contempt for the millions of Americans who have chosen not to be vaccinated, stating, "This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and it's caused by the fact that . . . we still have nearly 80 million Americans who have failed to get the shot." 

The experimental "vaccines" consist of manufactured RNA and were tested using aborted human baby tissue. According to the CDC VAERS system, the vaccines have killed tens of thousands and injured over a hundred thousand people in the United States alone. Millions of Americans have exercised their freedom of conscience and free will to decline the vaccines. Biden, who once promised to unify the country, said to these Americans, "We've been patient, but our patience is wearing thin."

According to Richard Harris, executive director of the Truth & Liberty Coalition, "This brazen, imperial power grab is unprecedented in the history of our nation. We have a constitutional republic, not a dictatorship. Every adult has a God-given right to choose for themselves what medical treatment to receive. I thought we settled on that principle after the Nazi death camps. The evidence is absolutely clear that the experimental vaccines are NOT safe for everyone and no employer or government official has a right to force another person to take them. Biden's edict, if the courts leave it standing, will cost countless hardworking people their livelihoods, will exponentially increase an already critical shortage of workers and will devastate the healthcare industry. If our government can force us to accept this, it can force us to accept anything. Freedom-loving Americans must fight back!" 

Organizations like Liberty Counsel are fighting back against vaccine mandates by offering legal help to those seeking religious exemptions from experimental vaccinations. Visit their website to read a sample exemption letter and access information on the risks of the COVID vaccines. Read our recent article on vaccine passports and watch Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver's appearance on the Truth & Liberty livecast.

Contact your lawmakers and tell them to fight against mandates, vaccine passports, and other unconstitutional restrictions.

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