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Dr. John C. Wood Releases Biblical Novel of Amazing Accuracy

Contact: Adam Cothes, 360-802-9758

ENUMCLAW, Wash., June 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- With over 300 biblical and historical references, Dr. John C. Wood has released what may be the most referenced novel ever. Writing with gentle humor and immense insight, Dr. Wood has crafted a biblical novel using Peter's impulsive action of cutting off the ear of Malchus as a springboard. "Servant of the High Priest: Malchus" reveals the life of Christ from a fresh perspective with close attention to the culture and lifestyle of the day to bring new understanding of that ancient era. Romance, betrayal, and agonizing choices keep the reader turning pages while the story of Christ's life and ministry naturally unfolds.

In his Introduction, Dr. Wood says:
A healing miracle took place amidst the clamor of the betrayal and the capture of this self-proclaimed Messiah. The impact of the healing power of Christ in the restoration of Malchus' right ear, cut off by Peter, has seldom been speculated...This is an historical novel interwoven with fact and fiction about the family, friends, acquaintances, and foes of Malchus. The experiences and perceptions "shared" by this fourteen-year-old boy from Bethany unveil the character, the hopes, the dreams, the disappointments, and the fears of this young Jewish boy.

"Servant of the High Priest: Malchus" contains the ordinary with its laughter and tears, then moves beyond to the mind-boggling, sensory-overloaded, extraordinary experiences of those remarkable times. Malchus feels isolation, pride, fear, joy, anger, tenderness, celebration, and agony as he struggles to make difficult decisions about the person of Christ. Throughout the story is a parallel showing that the challenges of that day were amazingly similar to modern times. The central issue is the same: Who is this man Jesus, and what is he to me?

Topics covered:
* Jewish history as it relates to modern times
* Roles of woman then verses now
* How long was Herod's temple under construction
* Why many accuse Jesus of being cannibalistic?
* Was the upper room really a dye house renovated into a hotel?

John C. Wood has a PhD. and four other degrees in religion, psychology, and education. He has been a pastor, educator, counselor, and motivational speaker. He has been involved in both TV and radio productions and greatly enjoys public speaking.

For a review copy of this new book or to schedule interview please contact Adam Cothes.