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Montclair Council Resolution Supporting Reproductive Act Violates Conscience
Reverend Clenard Childress Jr.
March 19, 2021

MONTCLAIR, N.J., March 19, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- A coalition of New Jersey pro-life organizations has scheduled a public protest for Saturday (3/20/21) at the Township of Montclair municipal building in Essex County.

Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller and the Township Council have endorsed expanding New Jersey's liberal abortion laws even further – despite surveys that report the majority of the state's citizens oppose late term abortion. The 10:00 a.m. protest will oppose Montclair's action and any support for the misnamed "Reproductive Freedom Act" (RFA) currently before the State Legislature.

Chris Flaherty of Lifenet commented, "it is outrageous that Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller and the Township Council should pass a resolution to endorse the RFA bill. If enacted, this legislation would increase the number of abortions in New Jersey and expose women to greater risk by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions in non-credentialed facilities. It even strips healthcare workers and taxpayers of their rights of conscience not to participate in abortion. Albert Einstein said, 'Never surrender conscience, even when the state demands it.'"

Barbara Eames, coordinator of the Working Together for New Jersey coalition, said, "Our research into the real reasons for the Reproductive Freedom Act has lead to the conclusion that, if you 'follow the money,' you will realize this is all about the sale of 'human tissue' or fetal body parts – NOT about women's health."

"There is far more money involved in the sale of fetal tissue than in abortion procedures. The National Institute of Health, for example, spent $120 million on fetal tissue research in 2019. Montclair should 'just say no.' The majority of the people would not want this!" commented Bill Eames, lead research analyst for the coalition.

Montclair is the first town in New Jersey to pass such a resolution. According to the coalition, the RFA expands what actions surrounding abortion the State will consider "legal" – both up to and after the birth of a child. This bill will legalize using non-surgical facilities and non-surgical medical staff, and have state taxpayers foot the bill. It is anticipated that this will incite global sex traffickers to come to New Jersey to obtain free abortions and sterilizations.

Additionally, the NJ Board of Medical Examiners – at the behest of Governor Phil Murphy – has proposed removing current regulations to make the buying and selling of baby body parts easier - a lucrative market in New Jersey, which already has the second highest abortion rate in the nation (second only to Washington, DC).

"This bill is incredulous" stated Rev. Clenard Childress, who has served as Senior Pastor at New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair for over 30 years. "This certainly is a subject for debate even among clergy - but what this bill proposes is unconscionable and it does not speak for the bulk of Montclair's citizens. Even pro-choice people think the RFA bill goes too far. I want to believe the council did not know what was in the bill before they 'rushed to judgment.' Legalizing the killing of a child outside the womb and then harvesting the parts for sale makes Hitler look like Mr. Rodgers."

Working Together for New Jersey is a coalition of pro-life organizations, clergy and physicians that educate New Jerseyans on detrimental legislation that is advancing the eugenic objectives of the abortion industry.

SOURCE Reverend Clenard Childress Jr.

CONTACT: 201-704-9325

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