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Is Senator Larry Craig 'Gay'? Former 'Gay' Man Offers Unique Insight

Contact: Stephen Bennett Ministries, 203-926-6960


HUNTINGTON, Conn., Aug. 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- There's one question buzzing nationwide: "Is Republican Senator Larry Craig -- 'gay'?"


Stephen Bennett, executive director of Stephen Bennett Ministries (SBM) in Huntington, CT -- a former "gay" man, now happily married to his wife of 14 years with two children -- offers some unique insight.


Bennett, after being part of the "gay" community for over 11 years - sexually involved with over 100 men -- is very familiar with married men who have secretive homosexual encounters -- men living on the "down low" -- who then return to their wife and family as if nothing ever happened.


Most of these men would unequivocally identify as "straight" or heterosexual.


"Over the past several years, we've all seen numerous public and vocal advocates of the traditional family, values and morality, exposed as hypocrites. While an individual may say one thing, we've seen over and over again when 'exposed' - the person obviously doesn't practice what he or she preaches," said Bennett.


While time will tell the truth and bring to light the entire story regarding Senator Craig, Bennett offers a very unique and personal insight into the "gay" life: more importantly, men on the "down low" -- married men with families who secretly have homosexual encounters with other men.


Bennett is available for interviews by calling 203-926-6960. SBM's National Office is only an hour outside of NYC.


Stephen has appeared on most every major and cable news network, including FOX News, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and more. For Bennett's bio, please go to: www.SBMinistries.org/media.html. More about Stephen Bennett can be found at www.SBMinistries.org.