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His Promise to God

Contact: David Sumrell, 757-305-3550, davidsumrell@hotmail.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Three Swords of One Light / Seven Miracles of Faith, is the fulfillment of a promise David Sumrell made to God in 2004. He was told he had melanoma cancer throughout his body and brain, and too sick for chemotherapy. To most people this would be devastating; however when David was given the news, he looked up and said "Thank You Lord, now You and I can work this out together."

David told the Lord if it was His will for him to die, then he was ready for His will to be done; however if the Lord would give him the opportunity, then David would write three books in His honor.

CBN has asked David to allow them to do his story on national television, and has just verified the medical information. It is a tremendous honor for David to be able to share his story, and how the demand for his books is ever increasing.

His first book is about how he was given a One Billion Dollar$ Gift, for saving another man's life in 2000, and how he gave it all away to non-profit organizations and the state of Virginia for educational scholarships, in irrevocable letters of intent, before he ever received the money. The story tells of the project they were working on, and how he came about receiving the gift.

In his second book, D' Ambush Killings, David was asked by a mother to help her son, who she thought was innocent of a murder he was convicted of. If it was not for the Lord's protection, David would not be here today, because of what he discovered about this man.

In David's third book, you will see how his faith has protected him all over the world, and how he wants to share the blessings of his life with others.

David is now looking for a Christian Sponsor to help him share the Glory of God, while giving hope to others who are searching for the light. He has plans on traveling throughout the United States, and anywhere else in the world he is needed, in order to share the miracles he has been given. He is giving God the Glory for what has happened in his darkest hours of life, and how the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains.

David is now cancer free, and without any medicine.