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Where Are the Answers to Those Hard Questions

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Time has run out. The answer to your prayer has not arrived. The child is dead. The job is lost. The marriage is over. Grief overwhelms you. Despair quickly sets in. Someone mentions that God will find a way to bring good to you despite your losses. You can’t imagine how that would be possible, but you long for some kind of relief. Years pass by and the torment continues. Your next child is chronically ill. You hate your new job. Another failed marriage. Where is the good that was supposed to arrive?

Jennifer Brost has felt overwhelming grief and despair. She also knows the heart wrenching pain of the sudden death of loved ones, including her unborn child. In her book, How I Suffered From My Theology and Regained My Faith by Questioning Three Beliefs (Deliverance Publishers, April 2006) author Jennifer Brost works to answer the difficult questions that many of us struggle with.

When tragedy strikes, one can’t help but ask where is God’s goodness in all of this? One night Jennifer opened her broken heart to God in desperation and prayed, “Please God, help me to understand my pain.”

This is not a book of tired platitudes. It’s a story of how one pastor’s wife suffered from her so-called Christian beliefs and regained her faith by questioning them.

How I Suffered From My Theology and Regained My Faith by Questioning Three Beliefs
Deliverance Publishers
Paperback 160 pgs. $13.00 ISBN:0-9774136-0-8

At least 50% of sales from this book are given to charities such as World Impact, Shared Hope International, and The Job Foundation.