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Sexually Explicit Christian Romance Novels: The Controversial Trend
Seun Publishing
April 27, 2019

VILLEURBANNE, France, Apr. 27, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- In one of his powerful sermons, Bishop T.D. Jakes talked about his disappointment regarding entertainment today, especially the fact that singers no longer sing about love, but about sex.

Unfortunately, this trend has spread to a lot of Christian romance novels. Indeed, romance novel and sexual content are intrinsically linked in the minds of worldwide readers of the genre. In a world where best-selling romance novels are like "Fifty Shades of Grey," Christian authors are sometimes tempted to cross the line.

So, in some romance novels, (we won't name), that are labeled Christian, we find, a male character who can't stop picturing the female character in the shower, or a female character gazing and swooning at a man's muscles as he washes up after he has worked all day in the field. Another example is a Christian fiction that graphically described a portion of the female anatomy.

On the Facebook group, Avid Readers of Christian Fiction, a member stated: "I've read Christian fiction books that seem to make the physical/sexual aspects of the relationship the main focus of the book. Not interested."

Thankfully, not all Christian romance novels follow this trend. A lot of Christian authors, (Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, to name a couple), still understand that, though physical attraction is a component of blossoming love between a man and a woman, that's not all there is, and the emotional depth of a healthy relationship is far more important than the physical. Even if sexual content comes into play, they imply or hint to it, rather than "show" the intimate act.

Hence, it is possible to write a compelling romance novel without any sexual content, and it's a feat a new French Nigerian author, Oluwaseun Agunbiade, achieved in her debut novel "His Will or Mine?". In it, she shows that a relationship founded solely on sexual desire will not last, as it needs a solid foundation to withstand the storms, and of course, that solid foundation is Love.

In France, the story has attracted readers of all ages, and upon the recent release of the English version, Oluwaseun, has been invited to the United States by Pastor Ghandi Olaoye and to Nigeria by Pastor Sola Agunbiade to talk about her book.
SOURCE Seun Publishing

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