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Trump Supporters Should be Searching Through Dumpsters Before Evidence of Voter Fraud is Destroyed

Randall Terry
Nov. 6, 2020

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- "If wholesale voter fraud was committed, the evidence will be found in repetitive handwriting. We know that potentially falsified ballots are being preserved, but what about the discarded envelopes or signature parts of the paper ballot voting process? We must make sure that any handwritten evidentiary trail is not destroyed. Whether that happens by Trump supporters searching through the dumpsters near Democrat sweatshops in big cities - and preserving what they find - or through court orders ordering the signature/handwritten parts of all envelopes and/or ballots be preserved by voting officials, that evidence must be found and preserved, for that will show the 'smoking gun' if there is one to be found." Randall Terry M.A.

If voter fraud has been committed on a wholesale level with paper ballots, the evidence of fraud and criminal activity will be evident in handwriting samples. This evidence must be seized immediately before it is destroyed.

For example, if 100,000 false paper ballots were submitted in PA or MI or GA or WI, it would not be the work of 100,000 people each putting one false ballot in the mail. Rather, it would be the work of 50 or 100 people, sequestered in a voter scam sweatshop, each filling out and signing 1,000 or 2,000 ballots.

The evidence of wrongdoing would be glaring to any forensic handwriting specialist; if sweatshop writer A filled out the names, addresses, and signatures of 500 or 1,000 people, and then "mailed" that ballot, the fraud would be immediately demonstrable by the repetitive handwriting. If one person filled out any part of 500 mail-in ballots, it would be easy to spot, and show voter fraud.

If voter fraud took place, this is what happened...

Voter lists of dead voters, or names and addresses of individuals acquired in any number of other ways would be given to a small group of Democrat activists committed to defeating Trump at all costs. They would simply sit and fill out ballot after ballot.

Someone writing diligently can do between 1 and 2 envelopes per minute. Even at the rate of one (1) falsified ballot per minute, it would only take 10 hours of work from 1 person to fill out 600 falsified envelopes. With one hundred (100) people working diligently over 2 days, they could fill out 120,000 false ballots. With three hundred people working diligently for 1 day, 180,000 false ballots could be created. If they were paid for their time, the incentive would be even higher, and would insure that they did not "rat out" the process.

These numbers of people are easily obtained from the ranks of those who hate President Trump, and would be willing to falsify ballots to defeat him in PA, GA, MI, and WI. And the major cities of those states are exactly where we saw tens of thousands of paper/mail ballots cast for Biden - then uploaded in the middle of the night - without any votes in those batches being cast for President Trump (which is a statistical impossibility.)

Where EXACTLY is the handwritten paper trail connected with those mail-in ballots?

SOURCE Randall Terry

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