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It's Now or Never to Build a Just and Humane Society
Emmy Award-winning journalist addresses how to combat the dictatorship of relativism

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SAN FRANCISCO, May 8, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- In their founding documents, the United States and the United Nations recognized the principles that all men have inherent dignity, and they deserve equal rights. They both have declared those principles the conditions fundamental to freedom, justice and peace. Yet both the United States and the United Nations have within them powerful political forces passing laws or resolutions that violate first principles and put at risk the most vulnerable populations.

Emmy Award-winning journalist Sheila Liaugminas draws upon the universal principle of natural human rights and dignity to address several contemporary moral issues that have suffered as a result of a relativistic mindset in her new book, NON-NEGOTIABLE: Essential Principles of a Just Society and Humane Culture.

What gave Abraham Lincoln the authority to declare the freedom and choice to own slaves as immoral? After all, the law of the land allowed it. What gave Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King the authority to lead a whole movement calling civil laws immoral and demanding new civil rights laws that recognized the equal dignity and worth of "all God's children" without exception? After all, segregation was legal. What gave the United Nations the moral authority to claim and designate absolute human rights in an international declaration, though some member nations were already violating them?

In NON-NEGOTIABLE, Liaugminas goes beyond the politics of pragmatism and cultural relativism to reacquaint the reader with first principles. She demonstrates what the Catholic Church has to say about the most important issues of our time -- abortion, same-sex marriage, religious liberty and embryonic stem cell research, among other topics -- and why. Liaugminas provides the solutions needed in the struggle to restore respect for human dignity.

"Sheila Liaugminas is an articulate voice of the New Evangelization," says George Weigel, author of Evangelical Catholicism. "As she demonstrates in this powerful book, being seriously Catholic today means being part of a culture-reforming counterculture."

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