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Just Who is Harry Potter?

Surprising Perspective Reveals that the Real Mystery of Potter may indeed be a Christian One


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MEDIA ADVISORY, July 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Harry Potter books have delighted and dazzled young readers for nearly a decade, but not without their share of controversies. From priests to parents, teachers to talk-show hosts, battles have waged in homes, schools and libraries across the country about just what to do with Harry Potter. As the Order of the Phoenix opens this week and the final chapter of this best-selling series approaches, a perspective from an unlikely source emerges to shed light on the mysterious Harry Potter and his elusive creator.


"After reading Harry Potter for myself, I had to conclude that the Potter series is not about the occult or witchcraft but actually just the opposite," reflects author Nancy Brown. "The stories are morality tales filled with excellent opportunities for family discussions. In short, the Harry Potter books are great for all families and especially Christian parents, who for centuries have used literature to illustrate the struggle between good and evil when teaching their children."


Why is this surprising? Four years ago, the Harry Potter books were not allowed in the Brown home. A literature expert as well as a stay-at-home mom who has home-schooled for 12 years, Brown has studied children's literature and published articles on the subject for nearly a decade. Reading about the subtle evils of Potter and conscious of the many criticisms of the books from trusted Christian sources, Brown did not want the exposure of the occult and witchcraft to entice her children. Then, something changed.


Brown's trusted friend revealed a secret: She and her teens had read the Potter books and liked them. Shocked, Brown began to rethink her position. Either her friend was sorely mistaken or what she'd heard about Rowling's series wasn't true. Brown set out to find out just what was in those Potter books. The result of that search is found in her new book The Mystery of Harry Potter published by Our Sunday Visitor and released just in time for the final page to turn in the series that has captivated so many.


Brown's new book, The Mystery of Harry Potter answers many of the questions which may have led parents to ban the books in their homes for years due to misunderstanding or misinformation. Some of the questions Brown tackles:


  • Are the Harry Potter books evil?

  • Can children really learn spells from the books?

  • What about the magic, witchcraft and wizardry in the books?

  • Doesn't Christianity teach those things are morally wrong and spiritually dangerous?

  • Who is J.K. Rowling?

  • Should parents be concerned about her religious beliefs?

  • Are they satanic?


Brown knows that those who approach the Potter books looking for evidence of the occult will find it, but ultimately Brown believes that as the final chapter on Potter closes -- a new classic in Christian fiction may be revealed. The Mystery of Harry Potter: A Catholic Family Guide will help navigate families through this Christian journey.


"At last, the voice of Christian common sense is heard!" says Catholic priest, Fr. Pierre Ingram. "Nancy Brown's careful study will provide reliable guidance to parents who seek to practice and impart to their children an attitude toward contemporary fiction that is both open and discerning."


To schedule an interview with Brown, contact Schicker at (404) 610-8871.