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Vote Life, Canada! Summons Catholic Bishops to Take First Step in Stopping Legalized Child Killing in Canada by Halting the Sacrilegious Abuse of Holy Communion by Catholics

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada!, 403-253-1577, 403-253-1577

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- In an Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of Canada, Vote Life, Canada! expressed its distress at the utter failure of Bishops to defeat the demon of legalized abortion in Canada which has claimed over 3 million Unborn victims.

Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life, Canada! pointed to the desecration of the Eucharist by obstinate, dissenting Catholics living in grave sin as the single greatest contributory factor to Canada's moral descent and accused the Bishops of sustaining such abuse. Alcock charges that "handing over Jesus to His enemies, through Holy Communion, is no less a crime today than when it was first perpetrated by Pilate 2000 years ago."

The letter argues that under Canada's Bishops a pseudo-Catholic culture flourishes—one based not upon the mystery of the Eucharist but upon the "magic" of the Eucharist. "In Canada," says Alcock, "regardless of the moral conduct or spiritual disposition of vast numbers of renegade Catholics, attendance at Mass and mere reception of Holy Communion is assumed to magically confer absolution for even the gravest sins and satisfy all of God's significant imperatives for the Catholic."

But neither baptism nor the Eucharist will help the obstinate unrepentant Catholic whom hell awaits, according to the Catholic Catechism. "The bishops ought to know this and teach it but those who don't corrupt the faith either willfully or by neglect and are wolves, risking the eternal salvation of more than 13 million Canadian Catholics."

Unsurprisingly, when such Catholics reach influential political positions they are shocked to hear someone question their "staunch" Catholic faith, even in the midst of serious defiance of Church teaching. Consider pro-abortion, pro-sodomy Catholic Prime Minister Paul Martin who spearheaded same sex marriage in Canada and vehemently proclaimed his government's commitment to "a woman's right to choose." Although he generated shocking degrees of scandal, it is the average Catholic voter, impaired by the spiritual blindness and befuddlement of the Bishops, who empowers these "pro-choice" legislators and killers of the Unborn.

"An international celebration planned by the Bishops for 2008 in Quebec City and centered on God's gift of the Eucharist ought to instead be a call for a national fast," challenges Alcock. "Catholics throughout Canada ought to put on sack cloth and ashes, seeking repentance and forgiveness for the disobedience of the Bishops and the profanation of the Holy Eucharist."

Every day the Bishops delay, a further 300 unborn Canadians perish.

Official website www.votelifecanada.ca