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MEDIA ADVISORY, June 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- In 1991, after being wrongfully convicted of felony embezzlement and all post trial relief had been forfeited due to the negligence of his attorney in the filing of time sensitive documents, David realized there was nothing else he could do, and he was going to have to close his company down. It was called Guardian Services, Incorporated. It was the first in the country like it, ( I’ve fallen and can’t get up) and they were monitoring the elderly in 3 states. It had been started from a God given vision. David had fought all the way to the United States Supreme Court (pro-se) only to be told there was no way to correct the wrongful conviction.

One day David asked the Lord why he was hanging on to the name GUARDIAN, and these words were whispered in his ear: God Unites All Races Denominations In All Nations, he did not know then what they meant; however he wrote them down and never forgot them.

In 2004, after having lost everything except his dignity and God's word, he was diagnosed with melanoma cancer throughout his body and brain. To most people this would be devastating; however when David Sumrell was given the news, he looked up and said "Thank You Lord, now You and I can work this out together. David told the Lord if it was His will for him to die, then he was ready; however if the Lord would give him the opportunity, David would write three books in His honor.

On June 15th, 2007, CBN is airing his story on the 700 Club. David has completed his promise to the Lord and in his third book "THREE SWORDS OF ONE LIGHT/ Seven Miracles of Faith" tells the whole story; however the part that it does not tell is this.

After completion of his promise to the Lord, David did not know why the Lord would choose him to live when so many others are dying from the same type of cancer, and others. Knowing better than to ask why, he prayed for the direction he was suppose to go and how he was going to give God the Glory for His Grace, when the Lord told David the words He had given him before: God Unites All Races Denominations In All Nations. This is David's mission and he needs the help of All religious leaders.