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Author Says Team With Your Guardian Angels for Less Stress and More Success

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DALLAS, Texas, Aug. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- New author and entertainment industry executive Tom T. Moore says that his life became much more gentle about ten years ago when he learned to ask his Guardian Angel for assistance in every phase of his life.

His book, THE GENTLE WAY--A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels (ISBN# 1-891824-60-0, Light Technology Publishing) tells the story of his relationship with his Guardian Angel and methods for requesting the Most Benevolent Outcome in every situation. According to a recent Gallup poll, Seventy-eight percent of Americans believe in Angels.

"I discovered that I could ask my Guardian Angel for assistance from the smallest requests for a parking place near a busy restaurant or store, to the really important requests of assisting me in negotiations in my international film distribution business,” says Mr. Moore. “The result was much less stress in my life and more success.”

In each chapter of THE GENTLE WAY, he relates success stories of how he, his family and friends requested Benevolent Outcomes. As an example, he would say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a seat on this subway.” He related how in Paris one day, he obtained a seat each time he rode five different subways on his way to and from a business appointment, even during busy travel times.

Written for people of all faiths and beliefs, THE GENTLE WAY, shows how to ask assistance from the Angels for help in our daily life, whether at home or work, traveling for pleasure or if we find ourselves in dangerous situations. The Angels can also help keep our identities free from theft. By working with our Guardian Angels, Moore shares how to lower the “fear factor” of everyday life and strengthen spiritual beliefs. Our Angels are right beside us waiting to help; all we have to do is ask!