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Porn Industry Stoops to New Low

Contact:  Mr. L. Lambert, 800-656-8603, jll4@adelphia.net

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- For years Youth Development International (YDI), (head-quartered in San Diego, CA.), operated on toll free 800 phone line that was offered to kids (primarily teenagers) who were in trouble. Many of the kids who called this line had problems with drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse or neglect. Their "hit home" line was nationally known. Even now, the line is still registered with Court TV as an outreach that helps children who are in trouble.

This popular toll free number is now being used as a telephone solicitation line by dial-a-porn operators.  The line is used to entice callers to contact coeds to participate in 'hot' talk.  This is quite different from a national line originally designed to help kids who are depressed, in trouble and hurting…

Phil Macintosh, former Director of YDI, told Huntington House author Lambert that his organization had to drop the line in 2005 because of lack of volunteer support from the church community. Enter the porn industry and their apparent attempt to solicit unsuspecting teenagers by directing them to 'hot talk' now through this phone line.

YDI was regularly staffed by volunteers who worked on the 24 hour outreach line that was operational 7 days a week. The line was used to bring kids hope by offering them positive choices in their lives.  The non-profit organization worked in cooperation with Horizon Christian Fellowship (with his association with 'Calvary Chapels') a large, evangelical church located in San Diego, CA. YDI's switchboard was located in San Diego with the popular hot line being available to kids in all 50 states.

William P. Kelly, Esq. a retired FBI investigator (who specialized in obscenity & child porn cases) believes this news demonstrates that "the porn industry has reached a new low against decency."  Kelly thinks that the sex industry's "motives have not changed since he first joined the Bureau,"(over forty years ago).  Former agent Kelly is particularly annoyed that "the federal government has abandoned its jurisdiction for violation of interstate transportation laws (with the exception of some very extreme types of obscenity)… No one is prosecuting traditional hard-core obscenity," says Kelly.

Syndicated radio talk show host Paul McGuire believes that the acquisition of YDI's youth crisis help line by dial-a-porn operators should be a "wake up call that your children are being targeted" Crawford Broadcasting talk show host & author (The Warning) says that "porn is devouring Christian teens, and Christian homes by the millions."  McGuire says that "the church is asleep, and the Bible gives numerous historical examples of what happens to nations that have allowed this kind of thing to spread."