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Opinion: Abortion is a Pit We Dug for Ourselves

Gary McCullough
July 8, 2022

OPINION, July 8, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Gary McCullough, director of Christian Newswire, submits the following:

    God's Word often describes the results of sin as falling into the pit they themselves dug.

    I fear such a fate awaits in the pit dug by states and communities that define preborn life as having no value if it interferes with one's personal goals.  It seems that the pit in this case will be the defining of others as not worthy of having their life protected. 

    Will this pit come in the form of suicide being encouraged; the aged asked or demanded to forego medical treatment; or an increase in murder?

    All seem plausible results when life is deemed unworthy of protection, and disposable if inconvenient.

    Falling into a pit we have dug is not undergoing judgment or punishment from God any more than being injured by jumping off a cliff.  The rules of gravity are constant and the results of jumping off a cliff is unaffected by one's beliefs. As with gravity, so are God's other laws. 

    The violation of God's law doesn't trigger a lightning bolt of punishment.  A child burned by touching a hot stove may be in direct disobedience to a parent, but the burned finger is not a result of punishment by the parent.

    The violation of God's law will result in falling into the pit one dug.  I repent and pray for mercy as my hand was on the shovel when it came to killing children through abortion.

SOURCE  Gary McCullough

CONTACT: 202-546-0054, gary@christiannewswire.com