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Have We Forgotten God?


William Pillow

Aug. 8, 2019


MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 8, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ --The following is submitted by William Pillow:


"Is God Dead?" asked the April 8, 1966 cover of Time magazine. Many people might have agreed. Some blamed The Almighty for failing to intervene in massive disasters around the world. Many fault God after their prayers failed their expectations.


But recent discoveries suggest a much different Supreme Power from the One depicted in the Hebrew Old Testament. Actually, The Divinity now appears much more empathetic, manifesting wisdom, power, and unconditional love far beyond human understanding. Yet, only within the past fifty years has this awareness become possible, as world-wide near-death experience (NDE) survivors bring back resounding convictions from their "visits to Heaven."


Yet, science and religion disavow the reality of near-death experiences, but for different reasons. Science cannot prove or disprove that incorporeal NDEs exist. Religions prefer to disregard the existence of our God-given souls that orchestrate near-death experiences, for fear that this might compromise human religious teachings.


Biblical history acknowledges that reincarnation was a common belief in Jesus' day, and Plato, Socrates, and Augustine believed the soul to be immortal. Yet, in 553 CE, the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian stacked the voting at the Fifth Ecumenical Council to outlaw souls and reincarnation from church doctrine.


Also, unlike the image that humankind developed for The Creator, we now know that God, souls, and Heaven are incorporeal (i.e., having no material body, form, or substance). Nor do spirit entities have any gender, so the term "He" or "She" is not appropriate for God. However, a soul can merge with a human male or female, to create a single personality for a lifetime on Earth.


Today, of course, human religion is confronted with challenges it never before faced. Amidst rampant social changes, scholarly reinterpretations of sacred scriptures, and an aging population of faithful supporters, orthodoxy is being seriously tested.


But respect, reverence, and worship of the Eternal Almighty can be coupled with teaching about how we should treat one another. Widespread evidence shows how flagrantly we have disregarded this principle of humanity. Repairing this seems best accomplished by incorporating our God-given souls in our lives and our worship, as our souls help us recognize our human frailties.


The following quotation therefore seems appropriate here:


"Our soul is what gives us our personality and it's through our soul that we live out our relationship with God, with other people, and with our self. The Apostle John was inspired by God to write in 3 John 1:2 'Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.'"


This appeared in Faith and Health Connection: Teaching Biblical Truths for Health and Wholeness.


Such reverence, respect, and worship of God help members adopt empathetic and compassionate attitudes toward one another. Obviously, this practice in no way reflects negatively on beliefs in Jesus, since Jesus lived and taught compassion and concern for one another, as a reflection of God's unconditional love. Also see religious reference here.


SOURCE William Pillow


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