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California State Assembly Passes SB 1437 to Indoctrinate School Children

Jill and Jill Ran up the Hill

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SACRAMENTO, Ca., Aug. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- SB 1437 passes California State Assembly, outraging parents and grandparents who demand that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger veto raft of sexual indoctrination bills.

Sacramento, California - The Democrat-controlled California State Assembly today passed SB 1437, one of four bills that would sexually indoctrinate schoolchildren and college students. SB 1437 would alter K-12 public education textbooks, instructional materials, and school-sponsored activities to positively reference transsexuality, transvestitism, bisexuality, and homosexuality, including homosexual "marriage."  The Assembly floor vote was 46-31 (five more than needed to achieve a 41-vote majority). SB 1437 now goes to the state Senate for a concurrence vote.

Immediately before the debate, a Republican-offered amendment requiring schools to acquire parental permission before sexual curriculum was taught to their own children failed on a 26-48 vote. During the 36-minute debate on SB 1437, seven Republican spoke against the bill (Haynes, DeVore, La Suer, Huff, La Malfa, Spitzer, and Mountjoy), while six Democrats spoke in favor it (Nunez, Goldberg, Frommer, Saldana, Ruskin, and Levine).

In his opening remarks, Democrat Fabian Nunez, the Assembly Speaker and the bill's floor jockey, openly said the real purpose of SB 1437 is to outlaw traditional perspectives on marriage and family in the state school system. "The way that you correct a wrong is by outlawing. 'Cause if you don't outlaw it, then people's biases tend to take over and dominate the perspective and the point of view," Nunez said.

And, in his close, Nunez admitted that SB 1437 will promote lesbianism to young girls. "If somebody wants to teach kids in kindergarten that Jack and Jill ran up a hill, this bill doesn't prohibit that. But it does say that if somebody wants to say that if Jill and Jill ran up the hill and somehow that's wrong -- then this bill says that that is not acceptable," said Nunez.

"We call upon Governor Schwarzenegger to keep his promise to veto SB 1437, which micromanages public schools by forcing them to promote a gaggle of sexual lifestyles that disturb parents and confuse kids," said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, a leading statewide pro-family organization which has been fighting against SB 1437 all year. 

"If Schwarzenegger abandons children by signing any of these school indoctrination bills, pro-family voters will abandon him," predicted Thomasson. A detailed analysis of SB 1437 and similar bills is posted at www.savecalifornia.com.