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Sky Angel Transitions to IPTV

Christian Satellite TV Provider Plans Major Improvements with Transition to IPTV in the U.S.

Contact: Nancy Christopher, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Sky Angel/Dominion Video Satellite Inc., 239-403-9130 Ex. 213; Heather Mikes 239-898-0001
NAPLES, Fl., June 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dominion Video Satellite, Inc. is planning dramatic improvements to the way it delivers its "Sky Angel" Christian and family-friendly programming to its nationwide subscriber base, it was announced here today by Chief Executive Officer Rob Johnson.

Johnson said, "We will be transitioning Sky Angel to a broadband Internet protocol, commonly known as IPTV, with programming still delivered to the TV. The technology is already in use widely in both Europe and Asia and experiencing growing popularity in the United States. Our current subscribers will simply need to use an IPTV set-top box that will allow them to connect their television to high-speed Internet. Overall service will be more economical than our current satellite system and will provide Sky Angel viewers more options."

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) combines traditional television with broadband Internet services. Instead of receiving programming through cable or satellite, programming is received by the viewer through a high-speed Internet connection and small set-top box and does not require an outside dish or antenna, professionally installed equipment or a computer. IPTV enables programs to be viewed on conventional TVs, personal computers and handheld instruments, which will provide viewers the benefit of receiving programs at home and on the go. Enhanced programming, additional channels and more choices of programming packages for individual subscribers are other features afforded by IPTV. IPTV is not the same as what consumers might consider to be traditional web streaming and provides a real viewing experience on your TV.

According to a recent study by Zogby Survey, 53 percent of Internet users would replace their cable and satellite television connections with broadband TV if they could keep the same channel lineup.

Christian Satellite TV Provider Plans Major Improvements 2

IPTV provides viewers value-added services and conveniences such as the ability to set up their own equipment, to retrieve programs that have already aired, much like a personal video recorder, and to utilize Video on Demand – all of which are the key benefits of an IPTV service.

"We believe that our subscribers will truly enjoy the interactive programming and other benefits resulting from the convergence of Internet and television," said Johnson. "IPTV will provide them with the ability to personalize and maximize their viewing experience.

"We want to assure all of our subscribers and our family of employees, dealers and programmers that it is our intention to ultimately deliver a better and more reliable television service and a more diverse range of Christian and family-friendly programming. With the loss of a satellite transponder last spring, and as our satellite continues to age, it has become increasingly evident that Sky Angel must embrace new, cost-effective technology opportunities that will enable us to further our vision to deliver the Gospel around the world. We have been testing the IPTV technology, and we are very impressed with the quality of picture and delivery. We believe it will be a major step forward for Sky Angel and for all those who support the Sky Angel mission," Johnson said.

The transition to IPTV in the U.S. will occur over the next year, and more information will be provided about the transition during the coming months.

Sky Angel was founded by Robert Johnson, Sr. 25 years ago to provide a Christ-centered and family-friendly alternative to the standard television fare. Since then, it has grown into a service providing quality television programming to all corners of the contiguous 48 states. Early this year, Sky Angel also began providing programming in Canada through a Toronto-based IPTV service partner.