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Border Agents' Imprisonment Exposes Bush as Border Security Fraud

Rejection of Congressional Appeals, 250,000 Citizen Petitions Creates "Unbreachable Chasm" Between Bush and Grassroots


Contact: Ron De Jong, Grassfire.org Alliance, 757-487-7900, ron@grassfire.org


CHESAPEAKE, Va., Jan. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- With U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean scheduled to begin their incarceration today at 2pm CST for 11- and 12-year jail terms respectively, Grassfire.org President Steve Elliott released the following statement.


"At 2pm today, the American people will have a vivid picture of where the Bush Administration really stands on border security. Sadly, that picture will be of two U.S. Border Patrol Agents surrendering to federal marshals to serve 11 and 12-year prison terms. Their crime? So-called civil rights violations against an illegal alien drug smuggler who has been smuggling drugs into this country for years and was smuggling 743 pounds of marijuana at the time of the confrontation.


"Let's be clear: The U.S. Attorney's office did not have to pursue this case; did not have to prosecute; did not have to take the word of an illegal alien drug smuggler over that of our border agents; did not have to give that illegal alien immunity; did not have to pressure the agents to accept numerous plea bargains. President Bush could have spoken out publicly in support of these agents and how their incarceration could further cripple our border security efforts. The President could have granted members of Congress and the more than 250,000 citizens who signed Grassfire's petition the courtesy of a formal response. He could have pardoned these men. But instead, he chose to leave Americans to conclude that, at best, he does not really care about our border security or the men and women who serve on the border.


"With these actions, the Bush administration has created an unbreachable chasm between his administration and millions of Americans who are concerned about our nation's border security. All the talk of fences and high-tech equipment is cheap. When it came time to stand and be counted on the side of our Border Agents, the President's Administration chose to side with a career illegal alien drug smuggler."


For more information about Grassfire.org, or to schedule an interview with Grassfire President Steve Elliott, contact Ron De Jong at 757-487-7900 or email ron@grassfire.org.