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Gone 2 Far Coalition Launches National Paedo-Alert System

Issues Urgent Call to Action to Stop the LGBT Pedophile Grooming Campaign Called Drag Queen Story Hour

Gone 2 Far Movement
July 29, 2019

DALLAS, July 29, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- LGBT child recruiters, including *convicted child sex offenders, are using public libraries and public schools to normalize extreme sexual deviance to very young children to persuade them to identify as "gay" lesbian bisexual and transgender, to lower their resistance to sexual molestation by adults and to encourage abnormal experimentation among themselves. * https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2019/april/second-drag-queen-story-hour-reader-in-houston-exposed-as-a-convicted-child-sex-offender (exposed by G2F coalition partner MassResistance.)

This is NOT an exaggeration, but a fully predictable consequence of a documented goal of the LGBT movement since 1972!  The 1972 Gay Rights Platform specifically calls for "the removal of all laws governing age of consent."  Now that almost all the other goals on their written agenda, including "gay marriage," have been met, they are going after the hearts and minds of innocent children to sexualize them in their own image.  

And they are laying the groundwork to legalize pedophilia by introducing new pro-pedophile euphemisms such as "Age-Gap Love," "Inter-generational relationships," and "Children's Sexual Rights" to normalize the idea of adult/child sex.

The morality of our nation is being redefined by those who hate God and seek to normalize immorality. The profane and perverted are defining their view of right and wrong with a Neo-Morality in the public square.

Traditional values and morality are under assault by those who embrace the LBGTQ agenda. Its time to push back!

The anti-family LGBTQ have GONE TOO FAR, and so the pro-family Gone2Far Coalition is determined to stop them.

Therefore, Gone2Far invites and exhorts parents, grandparents and concerned citizens to

  • Sign up to receive our Gone2Far "Paedo-Alerts" by text and email,
  • And to report all child-recruitment activities and events in their local area to the national Gone 2 Far Action Center.

To report a past or future LGBT child grooming incident or to sign up to receive the Gone2Far Paedo-Alerts, send an email to alert@gone2far.org or visit www.Gone2Far.org and sign our proclamation to send to President Trump.

SOURCE Gone 2 Far Movement

CONTACT: Pastor Stephen Broden, 214-394-0098

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