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Fr. Frank Pavone and Ann Coulter Profiled American RTL Giving a Pro-life Math Lesson
Contact: Donna Ballentine, American Right To Life, 1-888-888-ARTL, office@AmericanRTL.org
DENVER, April 11, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- American Right To Life's Pro-life Profiles, the online repository documenting the actual record rather than the rhetoric of politicians, leaders and organizations, has just published profiles for author Ann Coulter and Fr. Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life.
At ProlifeProfiles.com/Coulter, the political commentator is quoted defending "conservative" politicians who support the killing of some innocent children, including George W. Bush whose "exceptions," Coulter writes, account for "only" a "couple hundred of abortions per year."
"American RTL disputes not only Ann Coulter's morality, but also her math," says Jefferson George, the group's vice president. "Pro-life Profiles makes use of an easy-to-use Internet tool that we've developed and put online, ExceptionsCalculator.com," he said, "which documents the number of unborn killed by the policies and approval of George W. Bush at 3.3 million children during his years as president." The Ann Coulter profile points out that this abortion casualty count does "not include children killed by laws and court opinions opposed by" Bush.
ProlifeProfiles.com/Pavone observes that even if politicians with "exceptions" advocated "only" the killing of "a couple hundred children per year," they would still have enormous bloodguilt on their hands. However, "Priests for Life downplays the killing advocated by, and even defends, politicians such as John McCain," said George. "If anyone cares about him as a human being, spiritual leaders especially, they should rebuke McCain. But by Father Pavone's influence, this politician can sleep well at night, something that will not bode well for his eternal soul." According to Darrell Birkey, research director for ARTL, "Fr. Frank defends McCain even though the Senator's own policies supported the killing of 14.5 million children during his years in office." And Pro-life Profiles points out that this body count does not include those aborted against his beliefs, but "only" those killed by McCain's own policies and approval. "Partisan politics would suggest that electing our own killers is better than getting their killers in office," said Birkey, "but Fr. Pavone should know better."
"In the years during which Fr. Pavone and Ann Coulter have advocated for the unborn, virtually every 'conservative' federal judge has come to reject the belief that the unborn child has a right to life," said George. "Neither Coulter nor Pavone has yet to acknowledge this judicial tragedy which has occurred on their watch. Nor do they yet realize that this has been a predicted result of the compromised tactics of supporting 'conservative' politicians who kill many unborn children, and of pro-lifers regulating child-killing."