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'American People Implicated in Quest to Destroy Human Life,' Says Kimberly Zenarolla, Executive VP of National Pro-life Action Center on Capitol Hill

Contact: Kimberly Zenarolla, Executive VP, National Pro-life Action Center, 202-494-4410


WASHINGTON, April 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Kimberly Zenarolla submits the following comments:


It is a travesty that the Senate has implicated the American people in its quest to destroy human life for the very remote "potential" benefit of embryonic stem cell research. It must be repeated that there have never been any successful treatments using human embryonic stem cells. In the debate, Senator Harkin spoke of the "very strict ethical guidelines" that S.5 would impose including the need for "written informed consent" by parents to "donate" their "leftover" frozen embryos. The notion that anyone could give "written informed consent" for the killing of another human being is ludicrous and barbaric.


We call upon our Congress to examine the practice of in vitro fertilization that continues to freeze human beings, exposing them to every sort of manipulation, including death by dismemberment. The fertility industry in America is one of the most unregulated worldwide. As a country, we need to look at policies such as those employed in Italy and Germany that forbid the freezing of embryos. This inhumane practice must stop.


Kimberly Zenarolla is currently a PhD candidate at the Catholic University of America.