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Finding the Ever After in Your Marriage

Taking Your Marriage from Good to Great

Contact: Abigail Smith, National Institute of Marriage, 417-335-5882, abigail@nationalmarriage.com

HOLLISTER, Missouri, July 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- What makes a marriage go from good to great? How do couples find the time to enjoy their marriage in the midst of a busy day-to-day life? How can I achieve a real-to-life "Happily Ever After" in my marriage?

All of these questions and more are answered in the new book Finding Ever After written by Dr. Robert Paul, Co-President of the National Institute of Marriage and founder of the highly acclaimed Intensive Programs. His programs have remarkable success helping couples, including those in extreme crisis, achieve deeply satisfying marriages... in a matter of four days! Dr. Paul shows couples how to add romance and passion back into their relationship to make it an exciting and enjoyable journey, and even how to utilize the challenging male-female differences as a great relational asset. To learn more about these Intensive Programs, visit www.nationalmarriage.com.

This book is not just a rehash of all the old, tired marriage advice. Finding Ever After offers a fresh look at how to create an awesome marriage based on what Dr. Paul experienced in turning his own marriage from a disaster to one they are both thrilled, and then verified in his work with thousands of people. He will help you make your marriage a place of refuge from the storms of life, and a continual source of interest, intrigue, and inspiration. If your relationship has become stale, he helps you see how to work with God in order to breathe new life into it.

One reader said, "In reading Finding Ever After, I have learned so much about life's conditions not needing to be perfect to have a great marriage. I've realized that marriage isn’t about things being perfect; it's about embracing life fully, and discovering the often overlooked sources of romance and passion. Finding Ever After helped me to realize that a marriage is often strengthened the most during the times when things aren't perfect. Life isn't about having a fairytale marriage, it's about living life together... supporting one another and encouraging one another, through life's ups and downs."

Dr. Gary Smalley is quoted as saying, "Dr. Robert Paul is not only a close friend of mine, but one of the best marriage experts I know. He doesn't just offer advice; he provides practical communication for couples who are so stuck that they feel like quitting. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Paul's latest book. It's more than just another marriage resource; it's a guide that will help you grow closer to your spouse than you ever dreamed of."

David and Claudia Arp say, "If you want to make your marriage great, we highly recommend Finding Ever After. You can trust Bob's insights into relationships... because he has personally lived it. If you want to find your own piece of 'ever after,' this book can take you there."

This is a book for all ages, everyone from newlyweds to a couple who has been married for 50 years. Finding Ever After offers insight on how a wife's craving for romantic adventure can compliment and even enhance her husband's need for adventurous romance.

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