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Christian Organization Calls for President Bush to Boycott the Summer Olympic Opening Ceremonies in China

Contact: Christian Defense Coalition, 540-538-4822, 540-538-4741 cell


WASHINGTON, April 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Christian Defense Coalition says a boycott by President Bush would send a powerful message to the Chinese government regarding their crushing of human rights and religious liberty.
The boycott would let the Chinese government know that the United States and the free nations of the world condemn the tyranny and oppression of Chinese leaders against their own people.
It would be tragic if President Bush joined the opening celebrations of the Olympics while hundreds of thousands of innocent Chinese are being brutalized and tortured in prisons for their faith and political views.
If Mr. Bush participated in the opening ceremonies, it would give the Chinese government a valuable piece of propaganda allowing them to say, "China's human rights record cannot be that bad if President Bush is personally celebrating the opening of the Olympics with us."
For over 16 years, the Christian Defense Coalition has been a loud and prophetic visible voice speaking out against the human rights violations of the Chinese government.
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, comments, "It is important for the free nations of the world to stand against the tyranny and brutality of the Chinese government against their own people.  Millions of Christians, and those with other religious traditions, are routinely oppressed and even tortured by the government of China.  China promotes the barbaric practice of forced abortion and sterilization.  Of course, the world has been shocked by the recent oppression of the Tibetan people.
"The most powerful message that could be sent by the United States would be for President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games.  By boycotting the opening ceremonies, Mr. Bush would affirm to the world that the United States strongly supports human rights and it would remind the Chinese government that they cannot crush and brutalize their own people and expect the world's support.
"Mr. Bush has a unique and historic opportunity during these Olympic games to show the world that the United States stands in solidarity with the oppressed and we can never celebrate while people are being brutalized."


Kaitlin Clare, Program Director for the Christian Defense Coalition, adds, "We ask that President Bush boycott the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  This is a small sacrifice in comparison to the brutality of the Chinese government towards the Tibetans, its own people and the persecuted Christians living in China.  It is necessary to make a statement showing that the United States stands in solidarity with the oppressed and that we oppose the tyranny of the Chinese government."
For more information or interviews contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at 540.538.4741; Kaitlin Clare at 540.538.4822