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End Of Times Radio Goes Satellite

Contact: Bob Zeller, Spirit 1 Christian Broadcasting Network, 716-566-9981 

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Over the last three years, Spirit 1 Christian (end of times) Broadcasting Network has grown from an internet radio broadcast station to the erection of four radio stations and is now available on Free To Air Satellite at frequency 11.966 – Transponder 16 – IA-5/Galaxy 25. Receivers for FTA or “Free To Air” satellites can be purchased for as little as $200.00 complete with Dish and Install kit.

In addition to the expansion of the radio stations – Spirit 1 will be starting the first FTA Christian Television Station – Dedicated to the end of times ministry! A spokesman for the network stated that plans to begin broadcast of the Television are set to begin the third week of April and they are hoping to fill all the time slots up before airing!

Plans also include a second TV channel to broadcast the first ever – Totally Christian Movie Channel! There are already a number of cable companies, who realize that both “End of Times” and a true “Christian Movie Channel” will bring them more business! One cable company executive – who wishes to remain anonymous, was quoted as saying – “The end of times material is a hot topic among evangelicals and Christians of many different faiths – we see this as a selling point!” In addition, the Christian Movie Channel, he said – will help retain customers who might otherwise cancel their subscription and this will also lead to new additional subscribers!

There are millions who listen to radio and watch TV via the FTA satellites in America and many more worldwide. The reason for such growth is, once the equipment is purchased – that’s it! No monthly fees to pay. In addition, there are over twenty Christian TV stations and countless radio stations available to the end user free of charge – 24/7.

Pastor Bob Zeller, the broadcast ministry CEO added, “If we can get the support – and I think we can – we will reach many with the Lords message. Time is short and we have to move quickly!” “We have a website people can visit for more information – but when you visit, keep in mind – we are redoing the site from the ground up!”

“Each channel will cost nearly three quarter of a million dollars per year to keep on the air and the Christian Movie Channel may cost considerably more due to having to pay broadcast licensing fees” – “But given the point that it will provide viewers a channel that they can feel good about their children watching – it is worth every penny!”

Although the third week of April is the starting date for the Ministry Channel - There is no exact date set for the Movie Channel, however the radio channel is on the air and available to the public.