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Theologian Jim Cronfel Addresses Systematic Annihilationism in his New Book 'Eternal Christianity'

Contact: Vanessa Hensel, Holy Fire Publishing, 843-628-0319


CHICAGO, Feb. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Holy Fire Publishing releases Eternal Christianity (Paperback, US$13.99, ISBN# 1-933899-43-3). Jim Cronfel, 40, addresses Annihilationist theology and shares a biblically based theological view.


Jim Cronfel believes "conversion comes from the awareness of eternal conscious torment," that "[Christianity] is about fleeing hell and sin." Annihilationists believe that even the consideration of a literal, eternal hell is intolerable and "the fire and brimstone school of theology" not to be "biblical Christianity."


Yet there are many that promote this belief like Dr. John Stott who was named Time magazine's "100 most influential people in the world" and was recognized by Rev. Billy Graham as "the most respected clergyman in the world today. Cronfel's worthy goal in his book, “Eternal Christianity” is not to tear down honored gentlemen but to boldly exalt the name of Jesus Christ and proclaim what He eternally accomplished for us on Calvary.


Cronfel urges his readers to carefully examine the Scriptures that show the eternal fear of God must precede an authentic gospel conversion. He finds it troubling that annihilationism pervades bestsellers like "Basic Christianity" and "The Cross of Christ."


Cronfel aims to show how one unbiblical view leads to a series of others which could lead to denying God himself. For support, he includes Spurgeon's "Lama Sabachthani," a sermon about Christ's eternal cry from the Cross; and, Calvin's tract "Psychopannychia," which means "the imaginary sleep of the soul."


Cronfel points out when Dr. Stott wrote that there would be "a serious disproportion between sins consciously committed in time and torment consciously experienced throughout eternity," he rejected original sin. Therefore, there would be a serious disproportion between "good deeds" consciously committed in time and "grace" consciously experienced throughout eternity.


Annihilationism denies that God punished Jesus for our sins. However, evangelical Christians believe Christ's substitutionary punishment for sins is the central tenant of their faith. Cronfel goes on in his book to address other issues like the deity of Christ and forgiveness as it relates to annihilationism and proves prove that people still need to repent in fear of the true hell.


Annihilationsim is so controversial that Cronfel lost membership at Armitage Baptist Church for opposing it. "Eternal Christianity," including Cronfel, Spurgeon and Calvin and is available at Amazon.com and bookstores. Jim Cronfel can be reached at eternalchristianity@yahoo.com