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An Unforgettable Action Drama Starring Jonas Armstrong, Hannah Tointon & Oscar® Winner Ben Kingsley 'Walking with the Enemy'
A Celebration of the Human Spirit and the Courage of one man who against all odds, in the face of Danger, stands up for his beliefs and saves thousands from the Nazi Death Camps

Opening Nationwide on April 25th Following Film Festival Successes

Contact: Kellie Barnes, 303-451-4447

NORTHGLEEN, Colo., April 22, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- A remarkable tale of real-life WWII heroism, Walking with the Enemy arrives in theaters on April 25, 2014, from Liberty Studios. Powerfully directed by Mark Schmidt, the motion picture is a haunting telling of Hungarian war hero Pinchas Rosenbaum's story of courage, sacrifice and redemption against the backdrop of war-torn Budapest near the end of WWII. A testament to the endurance of the human spirit, Walking with the Enemy features breathtaking cinematography and gripping scenes in which hope triumphs over despair and "righteous gentiles" come to the aid of their Jewish brethren.

Produced by San Diego-based Liberty Studios, Walking with the Enemy dramatizes how Rosenbaum and a group of resistance fighters outsmarted the German machine and saved thousands of Jews from deportation and extermination in the concentration camps. Leveraging his courage and Aryan features, Rosenbaum was able to disguise himself in an SS officer's uniform to obtain information on Jewish families that were to be seized. Out of uniform he distributed Swiss protective passes to their homes, but in uniform he would bark orders to the German officers and Arrow Cross (the Hungarian Nazi party) while corralling the families into the seized vehicles and bringing them to the safety of the Swiss Annex known as "The Glass House," an old glass factory that had been taken over by the Swiss government to serve as a diplomatic facility that printed Swiss protective passports for Hungarian Jews during the war. It also served as a safe-house for those fortunate enough to be rescued by Rosenbaum and his comrades.

"We set out to make a highly realistic movie about a group of heroes that portrays the power of spiritual resistance," commented producer Randy Williams of Liberty Studios. "It shows the challenges posed by hatred, violent passions, and de-humanizing ideologies in a hope-filled way."

Walking with the Enemy is a beautifully photographed film about courage and the value of human struggle. It represents an opportunity to educate people from all walks of life about the Nazi Holocaust as well as the courageous efforts of individuals -- both Jewish and Gentile -- to save Jews during this dark period of history.

The producers are donating 10 cents to the Wounded Warrior Project® for every Facebook "Like" the film receives before its April 25, 2014 opening (or until donations reach $30,000).

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WalkingWithTheEnemy.

Trailer: walkingwiththeenemy.com/video/1/hope-trailer 

Official website: walkingwiththeenemy.com

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Liberty Studios is a film production company based in San Diego, California. Founder and President, Mark Schmidt's mission is to deliver inspirational true stories to a worldwide audience. The company's focus is the triumph of the human spirit over incredible odds, to celebrate outstanding individuals and their accomplishments, past and present. Liberty Studios has assembled a team of well-experienced industry professionals, Academy Award nominees and Hollywood blockbuster creatives.

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