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The Following Message Does Not Reflect the Attitudes and Beliefs of this Station

Contact: Jim Matthews, Champion Ministries, 303-660-3582


CASTLE ROCK, Colo., Mar. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Author Sean Dunn's Sharp and Edgy "Groundwire" Radio Spots Cut through to the Hearts of 10 Million Young Listeners Weekly on Secular and Christian Stations worldwide.

At a time when offensive talk and obscene lyrics make their home on secular radio, Christ-centered "Groundwire" radio spots are being aired with a disclaimer—"Does not reflect the attitudes and beliefs of this station." Now heard by 10 million youth weekly in 800+ markets worldwide, Dunn's sharp and edgy audio evangelism is striking a chord—and sometimes discord—on Christian and secular airwaves around the globe.

"Pretty **** pretentious pushing your mono-theistic God on everyone!" One irate listener wrote a Denver secular radio station airing Groundwire, which are sponsored by Christians in the local communities where the commercials are in regular rotation. "I listen to the radio to hear music, nothing more!" exclaimed the listener.

Dunn, a former youth pastor whose ministry focus is young people 12 to 25, began thinking outside the box when trying to answer the question: "How do we get Christ into their culture?"

Groundwire, launched in 2002, was created to reach these students in the places where they develop their philosophies, find their entertainment, and build their value systems.

Groundwire's candid and culturally relevant messages about God's word, His love and His purpose have worked to affect young people's decisions, impact their perceptions and help change their culture.

Young people log on to Groundwire desperately searching for answers, like this 24-year-old listener in California. "I heard about the girl who burns herself. I am also a self-injurer. I want to quit, and some people have tried to help, but I keep getting nowhere, can you help?"

Other emails come from Christians who have fallen away from faith and are looking for a point of re-entry. "I haven't been to church in two years, and I have found myself disillusioned. ...I have always needed to hear what your radio ads say when they come on."

Since 1995, Champion Ministries, founded by Dunn, has been creatively and effectively calling every student into a real and vibrant relationship with Christ. In addition to Groundwire, Dunn speaks to thousands of youth at live events each year.

For more information on Groundwire and Sean Dunn, email info@groundwire.net or visit them online at www.groundwire.net or www.championministries.org.