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Looking at Sin Through a Creative Analogy

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- Paralleling our struggles in life, "Sinduction," a dramatic new release from Jamaican born author Cornelius Blake [Pleasant Word, 2006], places readers in the lives of three fictional characters; Scrupulous, Simpleton, and Seductress. Each one mirrors human nature in life.

Scrupulous represents a righteous person who does not fool around with sin. Simpleton symbolizes the naïve Christian, thoughtless about the dangers of sins. And Seductress signifies sin itself, always on the prowl looking for someone to seduce.

Unfortunately, we are often seduced into doing wrong even though deep down we want to do what's right. "In "Sinduction," Cornelius Blake has skillfully examined and exposed the manipulations and seductive activities of Satan. The self-help book masterfully intertwines scriptures in the nuances and is easy to read," says Rev. Nezlin J. Sterling of New Testament Assembly International.

In a witty, interactive tour into honesty, the book challenges readers to examine areas in their lives which they may be slipping into sins and offers instruction to get back on track. Blake draws on his expertise as a pastor and international speaker to help readers think about the seriousness of their faith in Christ. The lists, interactive questions, journaling sections, and final review, all join to become a manual for godly living.

In his book Blake shares: ten tips how to protect yourself from the allurements of sin, eight tips how to affair-proof your marriage, six tips how to stay sexually pure whilst you are single, and five tips how to find and enjoy God's forgiveness.

"My primary purpose in writing is to expose the manipulation and seductive activities of the evil one and to ensure that the reader never gets enslaved by his seductive ploys," states Blake.

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