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World Congress of Families Supports Latvian Decision to Withhold Special Rights from Homosexuals

Contact: Larry Jacobs, World Congress of Families, 513-515-3685, 1-800-461-3113, larry@worldcongress.org


MEDIA ADVISORY, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- World Congress of Families founder, Dr. Allan Carlson, today commended the Latvian parliament for standing firm for family values.

Despite a mandate from the European Union, Latvia has refused to pass legislation giving homosexuals special rights – that is to say, banning discrimination based on so-called sexual orientation.

Carlson commented: “Once homosexuals are recognized as a protected class for anti-discrimination purposes, demands for same-sex marriage and efforts to criminalize criticism of homosexuality will follow – exactly what’s happened in Western Europe. It’s not about anti-discrimination, but thought-control and forced association.”

In November, 2005, the Latvian parliament amended the country’s constitution to protect traditional marriage. All of this has raised the ire of homosexual activists. The International Lesbian and Gay Association is demanding that the European Union take action against Latvia, up to and including revoking its EU membership.

Carlson countered: “The World Congress of Families supports Latvia’s decision not to be bullied into acquiescing to the New Erotic Order. We call on the European Union to accept diversity of values among its members.”

World Congress of Families IV will be held in Warsaw, May 11-13, 2007.  Said Carlson: “On behalf of the International Planning Committee, I want to extend an invitation to the Latvian parliament to send a delegation to our Warsaw Congress. There they will find that the people of Latvia aren’t alone. Around the world, organizations, activists, scholars and governments are standing up for the natural family.”

For more information on Warsaw 2007, visit the Congress website: www.worldcongress.org. To schedule an interview with Dr. Carlson, contact Larry Jacobs at 815-964-5819.

What is the World Congress of Families?  -- In response to a militantly anti-family ethos prevalent in the ‘post modern’ West, the World Congress of Families fosters an international network of pro-family organizations, scholars, and leaders that seeks to restore the natural family as the fundamental social unit and the ‘seed bed’ of a civil society. To date, there have been three World Congresses of Families – Prague (1997), Geneva (1999) and Mexico City (2004). WCF IV will be in Warsaw, Poland, May 11-13, 2007.