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Considering Homeschooling Celebrates 5th Birthday of Homeschool Evangelism to Young Christian Families

Contact: Charles B. Lowers, Considering Homeschooling, 949-916-6816


MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- This month marks Considering Homeschooling's fifth year of its homeschool outreach to Christian parents of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and those with school aged children.


In 2001, Charles and Kathy Lowers were feeling grieved as they watched the children of well-meaning Christians rejecting the God of their parents. The Lowers asked the Lord to show them a way to rescue these children. God gave them the idea to recruit Christians into the homeschooling movement when their children were young, or even before parents were pregnant with their first child. With the help and encouragement of friends from pro-life activism, the Lowers started running ads in Christian publications to invite believers from the community.


Today hundreds are in the founding outreach, which also encourages homeschool outreaches to form throughout the nation, promoting the idea that homeschooling -- raising up your child in the Lord Jesus -- begins at babyhood. Considering Homeschooling advocates non-government controlled, Christ-centered home education and seeks to provide a safe place for Christian families to explore homeschooling.


"We are joyful beneficiaries of the Considering Homeschooling ministry," said the Brody Family, founding members of Considering Homeschooling. "The monthly parent meetings met our need to fellowship and network with other parents of young children, gave us the tools we needed, and reinforced our desire to provide the best Christian education for our children."


"We have experienced and learned so much from wonderful activities offered by Considering Homeschooling -- the unique field trips as well as the educational monthly meetings are like a battery re-charger for us," said the Breyer Family, board members of Considering Homeschooling and directors of the Considering Homeschooling Sports program.


Considering Homeschooling sees the future of education where the default educational option for Christian families is private, biblical homeschooling. Charles B. Lowers, Executive Director of Considering Homeschooling says, "only when Christians and the church are obedient to God’s commandments to train up our children in Him, only when Christians and the church repent of sending their children to Godless public schools to be discipled by pagans, only then will God’s promise in Proverbs 22:6 be evident."


Considering Homeschooling wants Christians to know that if you can create a safe, loving, educational, Christ-centered home environment, with you is where your children need to be. Surveys show that the majority of "Christian" children are lost to the world unless homeschooled.