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Vote Life, Canada! in Open Letter to Calgary Bishop Frederick Henry Denounces Recent Decision To Suppress GAP Display of Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada!, 403-253-1577


MEDIA ADVISORY, May 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- “Sadly,” says Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada! “His Excellency, Bishop Frederick Henry, has chosen a path that sends a chilling message to the entire pro-life community throughout Canada and refuses to enter into dialogue on that decision.” Bishop Henry is said to have betrayed the pro-life movement and the scream of Canada’s Unborn in squelching the CCBR, whom Alcock describes as an organization of “extremely dedicated, well trained, and professional individuals.”


In an Open Letter to Bishop Henry, Vote Life, Canada! insists that the lack of decisive action by Catholic Bishops, who are moral and spiritual leaders of society, is the chief contributing factor to the present holocaust of the Unborn in Canada. Alcock notes in the letter that “despite His Excellency’s reputation as a fierce defender of marriage, human rights and freedom of religion, something appears to be seriously amiss in His Excellency’s concept of defending Unborn life,” and the recent shocking decision to blacklist the GAP display offers evidence that the Bishop is “swallowing camels and straining out gnats.”


Alcock points to the failure of Bishop Henry to respect and defend Catholic teaching on contraception as the chief factor which has compromised and clouded the Bishop's pro-life stance. Alcock maintains that too many Bishops, “in their blatant disregard of or outright dissent from age old Catholic teaching on contraception and sexuality, have severely compromised their calling and succumbed to a grave and deadly spiritual weakness.”


Alcock drew attention to the Pope’s recent remarks to Catholic Bishops in Brazil saying that Benedict XVI “linked and condemned in the same sentence abortion and contraception and laws that permit them. Such laws, he said, are opposed to marriage and ‘threatening the future of peoples.’ If His Excellency is to echo the truth of the Catholic faith, and in so doing help to destroy the strongholds of legalized child killing and same sex ‘marriage’ in Canada, the Pope’s mindset is an essential one with which to start.”


Working wherever possible with Christian leaders, Vote Life, Canada! is implementing a national vision to mobilize congregations to establish justice for Canada’s Unborn through the informed and responsible exercise of their Christian duty to vote. Official website www.votelifecanada.ca blogsite http://votelifecanada.blogspot.com/