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Christian Women Launch New Company Dedicated to Helping Others Facing Difficult Health Situations; Founders Rely on Personal, Professional and Spiritual Experiences to Help Create Compassionate Responses

Contact: Maribeth Stephens, IMC Writing, 206-782-5657, mbstephens@comcast.net

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- When a friend, family member or colleague becomes very ill, most of us don't what to do. We know that as Christians we are called to follow the example of Jesus and care for people. But what does this mean in practical terms? Do we send flowers? Do we send baskets of food? Do we call?

Two Christian women in Seattle--Sandra Rorem and Ginger Hines--know this dilemma from personal experience. Using their combined 45 years in healthcare and personal experience caring for seriously ill family members, they created CareGifting to answer these kinds of questions and help others follow God's call to use the skills and talents He has given to help others through hard times.

"CareGifting exists to help people know how to create circles of connection and support around those who are facing significant life or health transitions," explained Sandra Rorem, CareGifting's co-founder and co-owner. "We've seen in our years of experience that connection, prayer and support help physical healing. Our goal is to offer both information and convenient ways for people to create that support."

CareGifting offers free tips and tools on its Web site and collections of items that support health and healing. The company was born in part out of a personal challenge by CareGifting's other co-founder and co-owner, Ginger Hines, MPH. She helped manage her father's fight against a rare and aggressive cancer, her grandmother's battle with breast cancer and her own experience with multiple chemical allergies.

"Those experiences have given me insights I couldn't get from my professional experience alone," said Hines. "We believe we are following God's call to help provide healing, comfort and caring to people when they need it most." CareGifting is founded on the premise that most people want to help others who are facing a serious health issue but are often unsure about the best ways to help. CareGifting helps solve that problem. Besides offering information on its Web site about creating circles of support, CareGifting offers practical collections of products that comfort and nurture.

For example,

  • Special groupings are available for cancer, maternity, stress relief and other health needs. 
  • Products are natural, pure and organic to the greatest extent possible.
  • Products are carefully chosen that help bring comfort or healing, such as soft blankets, inspirational books and journals, sore muscle rubs and warming/cooling muscle wraps.

Prior to CareGifting, Rorem was the CEO of two healthcare-related start-ups and the CEO of Seattle-based Medalia Healthcare. Ginger Hines has worked in healthcare, including strategic planning, health services consulting and administration for more than 15 years. Additional information about CareGifting can be obtained at www.caregifting.com or calling 206-523-4422.