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The Palisade Microneedle Vaccine Mark of the Beast

Evangelical Outreach
Oct. 27, 2020

WASHINGTON, Penn., Oct. 27, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- The details from the Greek term for Mark (stamp or scratch), as in the Mark of the Beast, when considered with today's technology, reveal both the shocking accuracy of scripture as well as the way the coming, infamous soul-damning Mark of the Beast (which will be needed to buy or sell) will be administered (Rev. 13:16,17).

CHARAGMA is the Greek term for mark, scratch, or stamp (as a badge of servitude) which comes from CHARAX; that term can mean: TO SHARPEN TO A POINT, A STAKE, A PALISADE OR A RAMPART. The projected way to administer the Mark (scratch or stamp), i.e. the Quantum Dot Tattoo (QDT) to the physical body, will be at the same time as the COVID vaccine in the form of a microneedle patch, using Luciferase, a bio-luminescent enzyme that will make the QDT glow under a smartphone app. Those tiny microneedles are shaped like PALISADES or sharp sticks and will "mark" or scratch or stamp the vaccine recipients as qualifying to "buy or sell." Based on scripture, those are the two signs of the Mark of the Beast.

Furthermore, such a microneedle vaccine can appear like velcro on a BAND-AID and therefore look harmless, while it is spiritually disastrous for those who take it meaning that such people will irreversibly go to FIERY TORMENT IN BURNING SULFUR (Rev. 14:9-12). Because of those facts alone, the hidden events around the third temple, or any other end time event, do not need to be known.

The chronologic sequence of events for the Mark of the Beast is seals 4 and 5 (Rev. 6:7-11), to be preceded by peace being taken from the earth and by famine. FAMINE will occur at seals 3 and 4 (Rev. 6:5-8) and is closing in upon us and keep making their way into the world news [ https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/apr/21/coronavirus-pandemic-will-cause-famine-of-biblical-proportions and https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jun/09/world-faces-worst-food-crisis-50-years-un-coronavirus ]. Hence, how far away can the real Mark of the Beast be? Surely, it is very close, especially in light of the constant news of the soon-coming COVID vaccine, which will be required in order for us to "go back to normal" and which will alter one's genes, and, therefore, what it means to be human, as stated by Dr. Carrie Madej and others. [ https://www.brighteon.com/059c0e9e-1b74-4e99-a455-114d85071565 ]

Spread the word. Here are 2 pdfs that are loaded with Mark of the Beast information to printout and distribute to others: Mark of the Beast INFOgraphics 1 and Mark of the Beast INFOgraphics 2. Remember Rev. 12:11 to overcome and be faithful to PRECIOUS Jesus.

SOURCE Evangelical Outreach

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