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Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, Upheld By the Supreme Court, a Major Victory for a Just Society

Contact: Rick Barry, Center for a Just Society, 202-374-9774


WASHINGTON, April 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- In response to today's Supreme Court ruling that the partial birth abortion ban is not unconstitutional, Center for a Just Society (CJS) Chairman Ken Connor released the following statement:


"The Supreme Court, by upholding the ban on partial birth abortion, has handed down a ruling that is faithful to the Constitution and respectful of universal human dignity. Partial birth abortion is abhorrent to the values of a just society. To partially remove a developmentally mature baby from his or her mother's womb, but then kill it right before it is fully delivered, is gruesome, inhumane, and medically unnecessary.


"It is clear that human life comes into existence at the moment of its conception. A newly fertilized egg is unquestionably human and undeniably alive. There is no reason to believe that a pre-born human being has fewer rights than any other human life. Rights are not based on age, size, or location; they are fundamental, inalienable, and universal.


"The horror of abortion was nowhere more evident than in the scandal of partial birth abortion. Recognizing that this "procedure" is indefensible, the American people have outlawed the practice on many occasions. With today's ruling, the Supreme Court has finally recognized that in a democracy the people have the right to outlaw profoundly cruel and unjust procedures.


"As Clarence Thomas said in his concurring opinion, there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution to justify the Supreme Court's past rulings in abortion cases. It is now widely recognized that Roe v. Wade is constitutionally indefensible. In today's ruling, the Court has taken a first step back from its habit of judicial activism. I applaud this move, and hope that it indicates that the Supreme Court is finally rededicating itself to sober-minded and impartial constitutional interpretation.


"Today's ruling is, more than anything, a victory for a just society that values universal human dignity. America is no longer a place where unborn children are at risk of partial birth abortion. Encouraged by this victory, men and women who love justice must continue the difficult yet rewarding task of building a culture of life. Thankfully, after today, we are one step closer."


CJS is a public policy organization dedicated to advancing and defending Judeo-Christian principles of human dignity and social justice in law, policy and the public square.


For more information, visit www.ajustsociety.org.