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Meet Shakespeare the Cat: a New Spokesman for Creationism

Contact: M E Weldon, 682-551-8513, meweldon14@gmail.com

FT. WORTH, Texas, Aug. 5, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- A former teacher in Hong Kong and Crete, Martha Weldon, has a thing for cats--and creation. She imagined a story in which Shakespeare and Dickens, two of her real life cats, present the story of creation in her new book entitled, In the Beginning. Shakespeare the Cat is the one who witnessed creation in her story, but Dickens the Cat is the one who records the events on his computer, since Shakespeare's typing skills leave something to be desired!

Martha is a big fan of creationism. One of her heroes in creation science is Dr. Carl Baugh. He is the founder and director of The Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. Taking her cue from Dr. Baugh's research in a world where evolution is taught in our schools as fact instead of merely the theory it really is, Martha has become a voice in the wilderness proclaiming the beauty and wonder of God's handiwork.

Martha first got the idea for her story when she was in Hong Kong. At the time, the Harry Potter phenomenon was just gaining steam. She was concerned for Chinese students when she saw them carrying huge Harry Potter books under their arms. On a plane returning to HK from home leave, she heard that "still, small voice" telling her, "Somebody ought to write an antidote for Harry Potter and the dark side." Martha thought, What a great idea! but never dreamed that she would be that somebody!

She recalls, "On one Christmas holiday in Crete, I remember asking the Lord, 'How do I do this?' By answering a series of questions posed by the Lord, 'What do you know? What do you love? What do you know about the way children think?' the idea exploded in her mind: Tell the Bible stories from front to back through the eyes of an eyewitness--my cat, Shakespeare!"

If you like cats, Bible history, and fun and adventure, you'll enjoy In the Beginning. It's the first book in what Martha hopes will be a series of biblical stories to captivate children and adults alike. By the way, if you're wondering how it was that Shakespeare became an eyewitness to creation, Martha's not saying!

In the Beginning, by Martha Weldon, 176 pages, PB, $9.99, ISBN: 978-158169-545-8  Published by Evergreen Press christian-publishing.net (2014), Distributed by Ingram and Amazon.com.