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Christian Animation Company Offers its Services to Churches
Contact: Will J. Sims, President, Small Town Entertainment, LLC, 317-858-5920, wsims@smalltownent.com

LOS ANGELES, - INDIANAPOLIS, June 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian animation company, "SmallTown Entertainment," offers its animation services to Church Congregations and Ministries desiring to spread the Gospel in an innovative and fun way to today's youth. In partnership with Churches, SmallTown creates and produces faith-based, state-of-the-art, quality animation for youth ministries. Through a specialized distribution network, the company markets directly to Church Congregations and Bypasses the Traditional Hollywood System.

Will J Sims, President & CEO of SmallTown, says, "since the tremendous success of Church Produced movies such as....Sherwood Baptist Church's "Facing The Giants" & "Flywheel" and the long felt disdain over questionable children's programming, many congregations are aspiring to create their own faith-based media to spread the message, as well as a means to supplement income and grow their ministry." Sims also says, "This approach to creating/producing film and animated specials also eliminates the traditional 'Hollywood Fluff' so-to-speak in Hollywood budgets and allows projects to be produced at a much lower cost."

SmallTown Entertainment projects include:

"Big Mama's Bible Stories," a video and storybook series created, written, and co-produced by Sims to introduce children to the message of Jesus Christ. It was inspired by Sims' life as a child and his relationship with his grandmother (Big Mama) in the small southern town of Brandon, Mississippi.

"TAHARQA – WARRIOR KING" Pharaoh Taharqa was one of the greatest military tacticians of the ancient world and helped the Jewish King "Hezekiah" in his resistance against Assyria. The deliverance of Jerusalem was one of ancient histories pivotal events. It allowed Hebrew society and Judeo-Christianity to strengthen and take hold as one of the world’s greatest religions.

For information about Creating, Producing, and/or Distributing faith-based animation for your Youth Ministry, contact: Will J. Sims (317) 858-5920, or please visit (www.smalltownent.com).