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This is Not Your Mother's Natural Family Planning

Contact: Mercedes Arzu Wilson, Family of the Americas Foundation, 301-627-3346, nfp@familyoftheamericas.org


WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 /Christian Newswire/ --"Women no longer need to be slaves to the pharmaceutical industry," said Mercedes Arzú Wilson, president of Family of the Americas Foundation and author of the newly released book, Love & Fertility.


Already translated into 21 languages, Love & Fertility is a beautifully illustrated 111-page book that introduces the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning in an easy to understand format. This scientifically and medically proven revolutionary technique should not be confused with the Rhythm or Temperature Methods. Love & Fertility provides practical information along with the latest scientific research and statistical evaluations from around the world.


"Far too many people are ignorant about what the birth control pill is and what it does," Wilson said. "This is because they have not been taught and pharmaceutical companies are not about to teach them."


A birth control pill is any drug which, when effective, artificially prevents pregnancy. The drugs use steroids and other unnatural substances to achieve this goal.


The pill has three mechanisms. In some cases, it suppresses ovulation. If this mechanism fails, the drug can impede sperm migration by producing a thick discharge. The third mechanism inhibits implantation of an already conceived human being (a chemical abortion). One problem is that a woman never knows which mechanism worked each cycle.


"Have you ever seen the manufacturer's insert that comes with birth control pills?" Wilson asked. "It's very long and consists of extremely small print." Wilson pointed out that pharmaceutical companies try to protect themselves from lawsuits by including the insert, which acknowledges the three mechanisms described above. The insert also lists other potential side effects of the birth control pill, some of which are fatal.


Women who take the birth control pill could find themselves faced with stroke, cancer (breast, cervical, liver, endometrial, ovarian, etc.), deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. And this is just the beginning.


Wilson pointed to a publication titled, "If It's Not OK For Him To Take Steroids...Why Is It OK For Her?" from the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. " The dangerous performance enhancing steroids taken by athletes are male steroid hormonal drugs that build muscle. One of their risks is liver cancer. Similarly, female steroid hormonal drugs build breast tissue. They not only increase the risk of liver cancer but breast and cervical cancers as well. These powerful steroid drugs are taken by millions of teenage girls as BIRTH CONTROL PILLS."


"We are rightly concerned about polluting the environment, but women are willingly polluting their own bodies," Wilson said. "The scientifically proven Ovulation Method makes this unnecessary."


"Distorting the truth about the physical, moral and spiritual harm caused by artificial methods of birth control has been a disaster of immeasurable consequences to all of humanity, especially women and girls," Wilson said.


"It's time that Natural Family Planning cease to be seen as a 'Catholic' way to achieve or postpone pregnancy," said Douglas R. Scott, president of Life Decisions International. "The truth should be embraced regardless of where it comes from." Scott, who is not Catholic, has done extensive research on Planned Parenthood, a group that has become very wealthy by pushing artificial methods of birth control. "The fact is that with the exception of the condom, every artificial method of birth control is physically dangerous to women. If pharmaceutical conglomerates and those who push an agenda are going to withhold the truth from women, I am happy there is someone like Mercedes Arzú Wilson who is willing to tell the truth. And this benefits Catholics and non-Catholics alike."


For more information about the dangers of artificial birth control and the advantages of Natural Family Planning, visit www.familyplanning.net. To order Love & Fertility, call Family of the Americas Foundation at 1-800-443-3395.


Love & Fertility may also be ordered from Life Decisions International (shipping/handling included). Mercedes Arzú Wilson's first book, Love & Family: Raising A Traditional Family In A Secular World, is also available.