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Will Islam be the New World Order

Contact:  Don Swarthout, President, Christians Reviving America’s Values, (CRAVE), 859-219-1222 or 859-619-2811

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- It just could not be any clearer; we  here in America, are in the battle of our lifetime.  That battle is between those who want to spread Islam all over the world and those who do not want their “religion.”

Americans watch the murder and mayhem in the Middle East on television every night and we shake our heads.  However, the killing, bombings and other terrorist activities do not really impact us because it is happening so far away.  Maybe we should try to envision the devastation right in our own little neighborhoods and then think about it again.

There are terrorist activities going on in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, and Somalia just to name a few.  Did I mention Spain, France, England, Canada, Mexico and the United States?

The truth is the religion of Islam is involved in most major wars in the world today and we are under attack by those who want to spread the Islamic Religion, whether we want to admit it or not.

Christopher Whitcomb, a terrorist expert, made it clear when he said that Iraq is engaged, not in a religious war, but a civil war.  The battle in Iraq is a civil war between the different factions of the Islamic religion.

The Islamic religion is behind the war between Israel and the Palestinians.  It is involved in the civil war in Iraq.  Hezbollah, a radical Islamic group, works for the Iranians who tell them what to do.  Syria is a terrorist state that supports the Islamic terrorist group, Hamas.  The terrorists are involved in Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iran.

The Radical Islamic religion is behind the rants of Iranian President Ahmadinejad who has claimed that the Holocaust never took place and that the nations of Israel and America must be wiped off the face of the earth.

Let’s face facts.  The Muslim population makes up 25% of the worlds population and they say they want to kill us.  The Jihad they speak about is to kill all of the infidels and the infidels are anyone who does not agree with their “religion.” 

My friends that is you and I.  We may think this war is just going on in the Middle East, but try telling that to the victims of bombings in Spain, France, England and the 911 victims right here in the United States.

It is time for America to WAKE UP to this threat and to do something before it is too late.

“I don’t know how to fight this war, just that it must be fought,” said Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America’s Values, AKA CRAVE. 

“People keep saying that the Islamic religion is peaceful, but I dare anyone to prove that to me.  People who make that statement make two mistakes; 1. The Radical Islamic religion is not peaceful and 2. The Radical Islamic religion is not a real religion.” Swarthout said.